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@sandpiper, coffee drink

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Any happy FreshRoast SR500 users?
Bonsai Doug
I'm ready to move on from my Air Crazy popcorn popper. Small batch roasting is okay as my wife and I only drink 6 or 7 cups per day (individual Chemex pour-over).

Seems like the FreshRoast SR500 would make a good next step. Plus, I'd like to be able to roast some beans darker than the air popper will allow, for my espresso fix.

So, any happy SR500 users?

Indiana Randy
I'm happy with mine. Keep in mind it only makes about 4 ounces of coffee at a time. When I roast, it's an all day affair.

It's easy to use and there are lots of videos with secrets.
All of the Fresh Roast machines a good, some more then others;
I understand that the 500 is by far the best and is far superior to the 300...

I would not hesitate to buy one. I had an original and it was wonderful.


I've had my Fresh Roast SR500 since Christmas 2012. Very pleased with it. Indiana Randy is spot on with the 4 oz batch size being somewhat of a limitation. The silver lining is I get to roast different beans in a roast session so I end up with a variety of different beans to try each morning. I typically do 4-6 batches in a session. I like having the "sampler" situation. I use SweetMaria's 4 lb sampler deal to provide a variety of beans to try.
regardless of your model of Fresh Roast you can rock great roasts.

I do like the new 500 for the control ability.

that said my very first roaster was a Fresh Roast, the original and I quickly learned how to tip it, toss it and move it around to move the beans more to create a better roast.

I loved that roaster and it was trickled down to other family members who wanted
to try their hand at coffee roasting. it still lives someplace in California.

I loved it for it's FAST roasting ability and i could get up, remember I had no beans and in 3 or 4 minutes be happy...

gotta love the Fresh Roast.

going in we all KNOW it can only roast 3 or 4 ounces so what's the deal with that?

I may get a 500 for fast roast ability...


Edited by ginny on 01/19/2014 6:03 AM
I have had a fresh roast sr500 for a few years now, cut my teeth on it. I agree with the others it does have batch size limitations, I wanted to change that so I bought a behmore 1600. I found that although the behmore could handle more beans with the automated program it took me longer to roast the same amount with far less control than the fresh roast. I was much happier with the variation of roasting profiles I could produce with the fresh roast , not so with the behmore try as I might I always seemed to come out with basically the same roast, add to that the fact that the behmore used a lot more electricity then the fresh roast I have gone back to the fresh roast and plan on putting the behmore up on ebay.
?Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.?
Sarah Caldwell
Bonsai Doug
Since I started this thread I thought I'd follow-up with my very first roast in my new SR 500.

A bit of a challenge in my unheated garage (around 40 degrees), but quite successful.

This was my very first roast, having moved on from an Air Crazy. I watched just about every YouTube video on the SR 500, so I just jumped into it!

Sumatra decaf from Sweet Maria's:
- high fan / low heat until the beans were tan, then high heat / slow fan just enough to keep the beans moving, but never "jumping."

- very faint 1st crack, but not unusual for a decaf, happened around 5 minutes into the roast

- glass chamber is great for roasting by sight

- post 1st crack I went solely by sight and stopped the roast when a sheen was visible on all the beans, and they were a nice chocolate brown

- total roasting time was ~9.5 minutes

- 1 or 2 scorched beans, but overall a very even roast considering the garage temp.

Overall key seems to be just enough fan speed for bean movement, but no "jumping." You've got to keep on the fan button and regulate throughout.

So stays the guy with one roast! coffee drink

Pour-over brewed; much more body and depth than I got with the popper. Can't wait to try some regular beans. And for winter to be over!
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