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Igniting Gas Burner
I have been looking and seen a bunch of different ignitors for burners, running from hand held lighters, to batter operated, to push button. I am hoping to have my roaster concealed in a stainless box, changing batteries is not appealing if I have to remove a panel.

Has anyone used a electric spark module like they have on kitchen stoves? Seems like it would be easy to hook a switch to one. (I am looking at fluid air) So I would turn on air, turn on spark, open gas valve, turn off spark, and then roast away.

Is it that simple or am I missing something? I could go and raid a discarded stove and get the parts for nothing :)
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Bryan, It is that simple. I would use a momentary switch for ignition. Keep in mind that some ranges use 220v, and that the transformer coil might be wired with that in mind. You have to use high-voltage rated insulated wire between the transformer's secondary winding and the "spark plug." It would be great if you could get the whole shebang from an old range, or appliance parts dealer.
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My personal preference is the BBQ grill battery operated models which the batteries will last at least 2 years (I've seen 4 years).

Here's a reasonably priced 120 volt unit:


Edit: I looked up the honeywell replacement and seems to be around $90.00!

The ones on Amazon where you link to are a lot cheaper.

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I use one of the Piezo one on my roasters.....haven't had any problems..... and they're ver simple
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