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Chaff Collecting
So I am looking to get my Chaff Collecting system designed so I can spec out parts, etc.

I am thinking a system that is doing 2 things would be great, Collect Chaff from the Air-roaster (up to 10lbs maybe) and also cool my beans.

I am looking to get 1 blower to pull the exhaust from the roaster, and also pull air through the cooling tray. route the air to a cyclonic collector, and then vent up to the heavens to taunt the neighbors.

I am looking at these blower motors used for Dust collectors in wood shops, they have piece fitted onto the intake that divides the intake into 2 ... humm. That would be nice... look at that...

I would also get the benefit of having the cooler air from the cooler mixing with the air from the roaster to cool the exhaust dramatically.

I think I would have it piped like this:

Questions ... how big a blower would I need? Where do you get that part bolted on the blower to get a divided intake?
Brian, That fitting is called a "Y" or wye. You can buy them separately and attach to any blower. To control each inlet flow, add blast gates on each leg of the wye.

Since you are using a separate cyclonic collector, you only need a blower, not an entire dust collector system like in the link you provided.

hope this helps, Dan
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Hi Dan,
Can us please tell me what's the name of the item in your picture below and where can I buy it?
Thanks a lot

I was able to locate it with Google images.


It looks like the same thing Dan listed.

KKTO Roaster.
Thank you very much! woohoo :)
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