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For Blending, Roast Beans Separately?
If I want to have a blend of two or more coffeess from different regions, is it best to roast each of them on their own and then combine the beans after they're roasted? Or is it ok just to mix them all together and roast them at the same time?
MWG, I think most people roast blends at the same time, but that's often just for convenience. It can get a little tricky since they roast at different rates, but then that's part of the challenge. All of Sweet Maria's blends are mixed as greens.

hope this helps, Dan
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Thanks, Dan. Maybe I'll try both ways.
What Dan said.

If the beans have similar characteristics -- about the same size, same moisture content, grown at the same altitude, you have a higher probability of putting together something which will blend better pre-roast than if there are a lot of differences. Processing style can but doesn't always make a difference.

You can refine that a little if you have good thermometry and can track the times to major the roast milestones of end of drying and 1st Crack. Again, if those things are reasonably close, then pre-roast blending will work for you.

Many Sweet Maria's (pre-roast) espresso bends are put together with beans from a variety of origins. You might want to buy a few pounds of something -- I recommend Monkey Blend and New Classic -- to get a feel for what roasting pre blended beans is like.

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My "house coffee" is a blend of four beans and I roast them individually and then combine them after roasting. I will have to try roasting the green blend and see if it makes a big difference.
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