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Understanding the roast process
Is there a concise guide to profiling? I'm happy with my results, I just want them to be better. I'm using a hottop 'B', with added bt and et temp probes. I'm looking to understand more of why the flavors do what they do in regard to temperature at charge, drying time, extending 1C, etc. Is there some kind of a guide? I've looked through the library at sweetmarias, and looked through the profiles on the HT thread here, but still can't get a good grip on it.



landon_lion wrote:

Is there a concise guide to profiling? n

I don't think there is. But here's a good summary with references: http://www.home-b...19128.html
Wa'il. 1 Kg PID'ed gas-fired fluid bed roaster, GS/3MPS, K10F
no there is not, you can take some time and go through the roasting threads, the roaster threads and you will find many different discussions on how members profile.

it is a very personal process though other members profiles can be great guides for you in your roasting.

it is trial and error for you with your particular roasting setup. and let us not forget personal taste.

just start roasting more, buy some sample packs from Sweet Maria and other places and just start roasting more, trying different levels of roast along with temp and fan speeds...

good luck,


coffee drink
Edited by ginny on 10/05/2013 3:30 PM
Profiling is very bean, roaster-type and individual roaster-specific. You can't follow someone else's recipe and expect to get the same results. Even minor variations in thermometer placement make it impossible ro recreate temping.

So, yes. Ginny is not only right but very right.

That doesn't mean you can't get some help to flatten the learning curve a little. There's a huge HT community willing to share profiling and techniques. I got a lot of help on HB.

Less specific but more comprehensive -- The Boot Online Roasting Course is very good and will give you a pretty solid grounding in roasting theory although it's not really oriented to small roasters like the HT.

That brings up the possibility of taking a roasting class in person -- perhaps a better idea, if you can afford it.

Do you have any specific questions? Or, are there any particular qualities you're trying to emphasize or hide?

For me, the most best way to manipulate profiles came with understanding and identifying the roast milestones, and making decisions on how fast to proceed between them.

My generic profile to enhance the sweetness of shb roasts is moderate dose temp; slow through drying; fast from EOD (end of drying) to 1stC (First Crack); and slow from 1stC to dump. But time and temp specifics depend on which roaster I'm using.

Hope this helps,
USRC 1lb Roaster, Chemex+Kone, Espro, Various FPs, Royal Siphon Vacuum, Yama Ice Drip Tower, Bunnzilla, La Cimbali M21 Casa, Ceado E92.
interesting BDL, I also find slow through drying a great way to push the buttons on sweet as well. but then it depends on the bean, the roaster and a huge number of other things.

for many new to roasting or for those who have gone to a more advanced roaster, be it home built or store bought, profiles ='s a perfect/better outcome. not true.

there are some words in roasting I wish we could eliminate, profiles is one because it is misunderstood so often.

profiles can be a great help but you must roast, roast and roast more to get your personal feel for the beans/any beans, the roaster and your vault of the mouth...


Completely agree with you again, Ginny. I don't know about you, but I started dragging drying after I read an article by Tom as SM -- and it really worked for me.

My equipment journey meant a lot to what has worked and what hasn't. After years of inconsistent results with a skillet, then a Whirley Pop, I bought a Behmor; and went from it within months (after the second chaff fire!) to a Hottop P for more safety, power, and control -- but even though I was getting great results, didn't get the control I wanted from the P; then switched the P board out for a B and made some other mods -- thermocouples, etc. and had a roaster which would do most things I wanted but was slow to respond; to the (in)famous 1kg Amazon which, like a great many large, electric drum roasters, is underpowered and left me in the same position I'd been with the HT-P -- good results, but not many options. While that lack of power really makes a lot of my decisions for me it has taught me to roast a by-God sweet roast with SHBs but won't do a good job with more difficult beans like Geshas.

So, I'm waiting for delivery of a USRC Sample Roaster -- which should come some time this week. Or, at least I hope so, because it should have come last week.

Under normal circumstances, I'd expect it to take at least a month before I had any real control over the new roaster, but I'm taking a one day, one-on-one class from my favorite local roaster (Mike Perry of Klatch) and hope that will speed my mastery some. If nothing else, I should learn a lot about cupping and theory.

To bring it back full circle -- the HT-B is an excellent, and versatile roaster which allows you to make a lot of choices. You'll never truly know what they do to a "profile," unless you try them. Mistakes are the essence of learning.

USRC 1lb Roaster, Chemex+Kone, Espro, Various FPs, Royal Siphon Vacuum, Yama Ice Drip Tower, Bunnzilla, La Cimbali M21 Casa, Ceado E92.

a new day has turned up,

we agree on something, hahaha greenman

I like that. this is a very interesting conversation. profiles in coffee are like profiles in people they are simply misunderstood.

I get the most control in my Quest. I use the Hot Top (newest B model) and Quest 3 evenly in terms of use but when I really am into a day of roasting and not just gotta get some roasted because I am out I use the Quest 3.


Mistakes are the essence of learning
amen BDL



when do you expect your USRC Sample Roaster? lucky you...
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