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HotTop showing wrong temp.
I was hoping someone could hep me figure why my HotTop B2-K is showing lower temps than it should. When this machine shows temps of about 300f the beans are past the drying stage and starting to brown and first crack is happening at about 354f starting instead of the standard 384f.I have multiple origins of beans so its not a bean issue. When the unit is cold it shows about 77f normally which is pretty close. I had bought a new B2-K about a month and a half ago and the gears stripped so I was sent a replacement. The original roaster showed first crack around 384F and the beans were at their brightest green about 300f so I know there is a problem. I have tried replacing the thermocouple and that only made a slight difference to the better.
I have contacted HotTop USA and after I told him the thermocouple was not much help he suggested the Roaster Interface mod and sent me a link to which is not available. I am not very tech oriented although I am mechanically inclined.
Has anyone else been through this or can help me sort this out please? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.



life2short1971 wrote:

... HotTop B2-K is showing lower temps than it should.
... he suggested the Roaster Interface mod and sent me a link to which is not available.
..... I am mechanically inclined.

I'm a newbie so keep that in mind reading this.

The old Hottop has a button style sensor. Not accurate, slow response, bad position.
Your model should have a decent probe that is at the top of the bean mass if you roast around 260 grams. May not be in bean mass if lower quantity.

The narrower themocouples from Omega 1/16" respond faster and can be placed lower in the bean mass (BT) with the added benefit of not being as affected by back wall reflection. Adding your own thermocouples seems to be the most popular mod for the Hottop because it gets the bean mass temp, and you can mount another environment probe (ET) so you can use that data to get ahead of the curve and be predictive.

All this said I think you can get a great roast without probes as well. Just be aware that if you want more accurate readings, then you may want to run a dry cycle to preheat the probe and allow the entire unit interior to stabilize. However I don't see why it maters if my probe reads fc at 385 or fc at 285 as long as the temp differential and the ROR (rate of rise) was the same and repeatable. If FC is always at 365.. all things being equal.. net effect is 0.

So size, type, position, EMF, and thermal junction could all have an effect for same temp FC.

BTW... love Hottop support. What is 'the Roaster Interface mod' tech support referenced?

Good Luck
Randy G
While the temperatures will not agree with many published sets of data (particularly for other roaster manufacturers and other Hottop models over the years) what you will find is that events will happen consistently at the same temperature if you roast the same mass of beans each time. That is, if first crack happens at a displayed temp of 386F, then it will likely happen at around that temp for each roast.

I have seen the same thing with the various added thermocouples that folks use to either data log, monitor, or control the Hottop. Depending on the thermocouple design and mass, the event temperatures can vary.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
Yeah I realize that the temps shown while incorrect are happening at roughly the same degree every time I find it highly annoying that the readout is not displaying as it should and would really love to correct the inaccuracy.
I do appreciate the replies in any case. Thank you
Randy G
For any further details send Michael at Hottop USA a message describing what you are seeing. maybe he knows of some sort of change in design that might be contributing to the difference.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
Just a follow up.
Temps showing are consistent so I am not going to attempt any further repairs I will just get used to the new temps displayed and when to to make adjustments.

I have been in contact with Michael from the start. He was at a loss as much as I or anyone else, but was willing to do whatever it took for my satisfaction.

Thank you
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