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2013 Holiday Bean Swap
My 2 grand kids are in Indiana. We have 6 total.
This is a small cabin, if you can imagine ... it is filled tonight to the rafters.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Backwoods Roaster
"I wish I could taste as well as I wish I could roast."

As Abraham Lincoln said "Do not trust everything you read on the internet".
I received 2, nicely bagged, foil/valve bags of coffee from Ginny yesterday. Their origins are so far unidentified. Sent an SOS to Ginny, and we hope they are in her notes.

We tried the first today.

Brew method: Chemex + Kone; 60g coffee, 1kg water at 200F

Dominant taste: "Coffee." Very, very much coffee.
Acidy notes: Subtle, hard to identify
Bitter/sour: Very slightly bitter. Pleasantly so. NO sourness.
Acridity, smoke, or other unpleasant notes: None.

Good morning coffee. Excellent coffee to introduce someone to specialty coffee. I'd be ecstatic if it were served to me in a restaurant for breakfast OR after dinner.

I expect that vac brewing will bring out it's best points better than pour-over, press or espresso. I'll try espresso and vac tomorrow.

Overall: Pleasant and straightforward. Sophisticated.

USRC 1lb Roaster, Chemex+Kone, Espro, Various FPs, Royal Siphon Vacuum, Yama Ice Drip Tower, Bunnzilla, La Cimbali M21 Casa, Ceado E92.

The white bag was the Ethiopia Dry-Process Chelelektu Yirga Cheffe from Sweet Maria and it was roasted FC + as you know; it fell apart a bit too and I have never had that happen even at a FC roast.

I kept some and got some citrus and chocolate...

The silver bag I need to go back in my stash book and look.


I am sorry it has taken so long to reply.

I got 2 coffees from Rick. Both are excellent.
Kenya Nyeri Tegu AB ("The edge of city +")
Guatemala Huehuetenango La Viuda Estate (City)

We are not very proficient at identifying what we call the 'nuances' in the coffee we drink, so please excuse my inability to explain how really good these coffees were. (Yes, they are gone)

The grounds exploded with aroma and the bloom gave notice of things to come.

We did have a few words.

The Kenyan had an unusual, very pleasant, taste to me. I could not name it, but my wife said spice and cherry. The body, mouth feel and after taste were wonderful.

The Guat was also excellent. But again we are limited in words. Nikki was surprised at how much she loved this central. She usually doesn't.

I do know an excellent cup of coffee, and these are. Rick did a great job of pulling the pleasure out of these beans.

The Holiday Swap was a winner for me.

Ken in NC
Backwoods Roaster
"I wish I could taste as well as I wish I could roast."

As Abraham Lincoln said "Do not trust everything you read on the internet".
rick carter

Thanks for the kind remarks!

I'm glad you enjoyed the roasts.

No worries on the time to respond, it's the Holidays and the most important aspect is relaxing with family.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year!
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