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Roasting for More Body
Your right Jkoll. I just don't have the luxury of playing around with her brewer except for the small amount of time that I am there for a drop-off. There must be a way that I can slow down the brew time by a minute or possibly more. I will look for a manual for her machine to see what I can do. Changing the roast may not be necessary at all but I will try anyway. But your right. If she loved it at home, there has to be a way I can emulate that on her commecial machine. This is certainly a learning experience for me.
Well it didn't take long! It's definitely the brewer! I can set the pulse settings right in front of the brewer. I totally flubbed this one. I will change it the next time I'm there. Any suggestions of how long I should brew for 12 cups? It still needs to be quick because its a business. I'm thinking 4.5 minutes, almost doubling what it is now.
In all my experience with setting up commercial brewers I found 4 minutes to be the best overall. Going longer did not usually gain much. It will be worth trying 4 1/2 to be sure though.

Glad to hear it's a pulse brew so you don't have to go through the rigors of trying different spray head sizes!

If you have issues with future accounts with the older brewers, here's some informative reading:


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Thanks everyone. You all have been such a big help. I just did another roast with the Nicaraguan and sped up the overall roast time by a minute. I am drinking it now only after an hour of rest and can taste much more body and acidity. I understand the acidity will balance out in a few days but it definitely has more body. Big difference, not to mention I am preserving more of the origin flavors. Here is basically how it went with a 4 pound finished roast:

12:15 1C
14:30 end 1C
15:15 2C
15:30 pull after a few snaps of 2C

I was worried about uniformity but that was not an issue at all! Still way too early to determine taste after only an hour but I think I have something real nice here after the acidity mellows out. I love trying coffee after only a few hours of rest, but I think around 4-5 days of rest seems the best in general.

I'm new to the forum here, looks like a great group and a lot of knowledge. I roast on a home build BBQ outfit with a 10 lb drum that I built. I typically roast about 7-8 lbs of coffee at a time, and I am currently roasting a Guatemalan bean that I love. Your last reported profile is almost exactly the one I am using for my 7-8 lb roasts. Maybe a minute or two longer on the back side due to the larger roast. I am happy with the cupping of my current roasts, although I completely get your concerns with the occasional lack of brightness, especially as the cup cools a bit.

My issue, which is really for another thread, is temp control.
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