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The perfect cup
Hello roasting community, I think it only appropriate to reveal my existence in a thread about my recent purchase. But before that a little back story.

My coffee interests started when I was working for a large coffee chain. I wont say names or point any fingers.
After I left there I found myself in drinking coffee shop in downtown KC. Drinking what I can only call "My first real cup of coffee" The nuances, the flavors, there they were.
I now work at a shop with a fluid bed air roaster, but this hasnt quenched my thirst for that perfect cup so I have made a big jump and I've purchased a Huky.
I was kind of hoping that some folks here could impart some knowledge on me soon.
Your neighborhood coffee enthusiast.
Hi Jak and welcome,

go to:


there is some Huky talk and Huky folks around that can more then likely give you

thanks for joining us, sweet roaster you got...


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