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Ventilating a Coffee Roaster
My 1# sample roaster makes a little smoke and I roast indoors. I've been using a room in my shop that has a window and exhaust fan (for spray painting). I just turn on the fan. It doesn't do a good job of dealing with smoke because the roaster is 6' away and the smoke just swirls around the room. Eventually it goes outside. But I still end up smokey, smoke gets in the house, and during the winter I get damn cold when roasting. Clearly, I needed a proper vent.

So, instead of cutting another hole in the house, I connected a vent hood hovering over the roaster to the spray booth. When I want to roast, I put thin plywood over the spray booth filters and then the exhaust air is pulled from the vent hood. I jury-rigged the vent hood by cutting 12" off the bottom of a 55-gallon drum and cut a hole in the bottom. I hung it on three chains from the ceiling. I connected it to the spray booth with 12" square ductwork I salvaged.

I put a loose piece of plywoon on the bottom of the square duct where it opens into the drum hood. That way I can slide it back and forth and it acts as a damper so I can control the volume of air. It lets me remove the smoke, but reduce the freezing makeup air coming in the window.

Pretty basic stuff and this lets me use that powerful exhaust fan with its motorized damper.
Edited by Dan on 02/05/2007 8:24 AM
s:2 s:1 Ideas are flowing MUWAHaHa MUWAHaHaHa

You've sure got that corner organized well. This re-inforces my conviction to - never take pictures of my roasting equipment corner. Makes me wonder if messiness is a genetic thing, sounds like a good excuse to me ;~)

Mike I wish you would have posted that statement before I posted mine, and Dan Nice setup and I wish you would have posted also as I may have NOT embarassed myself by posting. s:8 Dan Where do you get your greens from? From the pic it looks like Theta Ridge :)
Edited by Javadude on 02/05/2007 2:49 PM
Javadude, Nope, all of those greens are from Oakland, not Elkhart. If I need more than 20 pounds of something I'd be sure to contact TR first. If you've worked with them how are they?

On the lower shelf of greens you can see my German Navy grinder.

As for the messiness, what can I say? It's all in how I cropped the image!
Edited by Dan on 02/05/2007 4:24 PM
Dan I have not had one instance of complaint with them. Kevin (president) is a very nice guy, very helpful and a member SCAA. He really knows his stuff. If you decide to buy from him (I sent you his list) tell him I sent you. (I dont get a kick back, I just promote what and who I trust). I just had some of the Yirgacheffe and Kenya AA Golf and its a great crop. The Colombian is out of the park. s:2
Hello all, I would like to know if Dan has a description of his wonderful looking roasters:2, that looks very intriguing, I have been building and trying roasters (3s:6) for 2 yrs now and still looking for tweaks "and" better ideas.
Thanks,s:1 Ed
love those smileys.....c:3
dutchcoffeenut, have you noticed the pictures of Dan's and others' homebuilt roasters on our main non-forum page?


You can tell that Dan has built a few things before!
Maybe together we can coax him to post pictures of its innards -- nichrome wire and all that.
Edited by David on 02/07/2007 6:42 AM
I do have a little page up. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

[quote]David wrote:
dutchcoffeenut, have you noticed the pictures of Dan's and others' homebuilt roasters on our main non-forum page?

Thanks David, s:1yes I had seen these, I just had a look at the "claycritters" web site Dan posts below, Thank you Dan. Those are good pictures also the ones from Jason, but some how I think Dans unit is somewhat more sophisticated B) and I would love to see more of your drum / drive setup ?s:2. I am working on a design (from all I've learned from the last 3 proj.) for a drum/ miniBBQ roaster that will look very much like a (downsized) Dietrich or SanFransiscan. and I am a little concerned about to much heat getting to the motor in a direct dr. situation. Meanwhile I'm still tweaking the 2 roasters I'm presently working with and learning how to roast ! Here is a pict. of one there are lots more pict. on my webgallerie
I previewed and deleted the pic. Duh.....s:6s:8c:3
dutchcoffeenut attached the following image:
OK Danny boy, its my turn at building the venting system.s:4 I will take pics along the way and post.........EVERYBODY CROSS THE FINGERSs:8
We're with you, javadude.
David attached the following image:
Actually, we're behind you.
David attached the following image:
Edited by Javadude on 02/19/2007 9:19 PM
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