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Long roasts - more heat needed?
Unlike newer BMs I've seen, my RC is cast aluminum. Still, not much thermal mass, I agree. I tried too many new things all at once on last night's roast,- 454 gr charge, instead of the 330 gr), turned OFF the BM element upon charge, used new HF HG and new HF router control. Roast time became too long, though I had HG on high. I'm going compare the two HGs (though both are rated at 1500 watts I see). I also think I'll keep the BM element on again until FC. I want to be able to roast 454 grams...
David. Ben here. I struggled with the same issues you are currently experiencing. I wasnt able to do lb roasts until I gor a better lid seal. Most important change. I also put a dimmer on the breadmaker element for more control. I can regularly do 500g plus batches. My old heatgun barely puts out 700degrees but with the extra heat control...well, the coffee is great! Could we have some more pics? May be able to better assist if you decide thats what you want to do.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
Hi, Ben. Thanks for the note. I was poking around here last night and saw some of your posts and photos showing a lid that fit down onto the roast chamber top. My lid covers the outer/shell chamber (same lid lining the BM had) so the roast chamber is open at the top to the BM oven space. If I am correct that you and others are capping the inner roast chamber to get better heat control and higher temp rises (please confirm) then that's my next modification!

I like the window I have, so planning to make a sort of skirt down from the BM lid I have to partition the roast chamber from the BM oven space.

Will look into the recirculation/heat exchange features later! Nice mods you've made!
You want the lid on the outer covering not the inner. And an exhaust port. My roaster uses deflected air outside of the chamber before exiting @the lowest possible point.
Lawnmowerman attached the following image:

Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
All that extra stuff inthe middle is suspended by the lid. It is there to better contain and divert the air. And if you can see in the drawing, i used red crayon to show the likely airflow. Bread pan is enshrouded in hot air. And there are holes in lower lid to allow deflected hot air to travel there, too. Oh i almost forgot. Thanks4 compliments, and.. recurculator attachment element is old and tired. Only puts out maybe510 deg. F. Still does550g batches but im not using it since i found out how retarded it was. Now when i get a better element...maybe.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
Ben, thank you for the diagram. Well worth a thousand words. Previously, I thought your lower lid extension was tight fitting to the roast chamber/pan.

Based on that I have fashioned a skirt/partition down from the outer lid that fits snugly inside the upper 1/2 inch or so of the roast chamber pan. I now, per your diagram, need the openings around the top, but this time they will be smaller than the previous, un-partitioned opening. Then, instead of only having an exhaust at the top, I will add something like yours down low.

I made a sliding door for my upper exhaust, so it can be easily closed, and that should give me great flexibility to keep from overheating, especially with the new lower exhaust I now plan which will also let cooler air in by convection if the top is open and HG is low enough or off.

Is your lower exhaust always open?

Oh, and I compared the horrible freight HG to my Kawasaki branded gun and the Kawasaki provides much more air flow. Same wattage (approx 12 watts) as each other. I'm going back to that one with the higher air flow, and will continue to use the HF "router" control. Photos to come!
Dave. A good sealing lid will not be any good if you have the exhaust ontop , it needs to only let exhaust out the very bottom. A sighr glass in the lid is fine but it should be sealed as well .when choosing a hg, airflow isnt as important as heat, especially if you are just starting out. More room for error. And yes, exhaust is always open. Any design that doesnt allow free airflow could likely melt your hg housing. Like capping the inner chamber. I tried it.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
If you have have your lid directly on the top of the chamber, how would chaff/air go through the exhaust (since the top is sealed) if the exhaust is on the bottom?


Aljaheejus wrote:

.... I now, per your diagram, need the openings around the top, but this time they will be smaller than the previous, un-partitioned opening. ....

Thanks for following! Great to have input. As I said above, I will cut one/some. (See photos.)

Thinking of making them operable, maybe some kind of damper to switch between a) exhaust air down around the chamber and out low, and b) exhaust air straight out top for cooling / maintaining ET temp.
Aljaheejus attached the following images:
20140312_coffee-roaster_0002_x1600-annot.jpg 20140312_coffee-roaster_0001_x1600.jpg
You got to building before i could respond. The stuff in the middle should be a loose fit. That is if you want to.copy my lid. The top seal doesnt doany good if there is a chimney on top . The topseal does force the air through the gap about3/8 in around the 5perimeter. But if youput holes in the side where you indicated it should work with a tight fit as it looks like you have it. To put it differently, hot air should follow this path:thru thebeans bounceoff lid,around and down the outside of breadpan..and... outexhaust @very bottom. This conserves heat which nrises. Put a chimney on top and it wont work the same.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
I like the way you have the slots drawn . That should work well. I may do something similar in a bread maket that is waiting until it is needed.
Bad coffee prevails when good coffee roasters stand by and do nothing.
Well this is fun, especially when the 14th roast looks like this (see image attachment.)

The first heatgun (blew more air than the HF) may have been an issue. It stopped working, so I am using the HF gun to good effect, good tasting beans.

Thanks to all for your comments.
Aljaheejus attached the following image:
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