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Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen
I caught the bug from Peet himself.

My first few roasts were in a cast iron skillet, 1973. My second three or four waited a few years and were in a Whirley Pop on a charcoal grill, ca. 1976. All of these efforts were pitifully inept and (cough) produced, smokey, undrinkable coffee.

Nevertheless, they kindled a passion which glowed so brightly my next attempts waited two dozen years.

In 2010, I bought a Behmor and not only had some success, but some chaff fires as well. Sic transit gloria mundi, but the flame still burns.

USRC 1lb Roaster, Chemex+Kone, Espro, Various FPs, Royal Siphon Vacuum, Yama Ice Drip Tower, Bunnzilla, La Cimbali M21 Casa, Ceado E92.
Hey Rich:

thanks for posting here with us on your first...

am I correct that you used all manner of basic shelf roasters until your 2010 Behmor and followed that by your last couple of major roasters...

curious, thanks in advance,


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