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Nesco problem
Thanks for the welcome - I'm glad to be part of the forum. I had a used Z&D given to me a few years ago which worked beautifully - until it blew up! They're not kidding about never leaving the machine running by itself! I bought a replacement NESCO, and it's never been the same. Even at 35 minutes I can't get a proper dark roast, and as you can imagine, this 'over baking' does not produce the best coffee. I recently drilled a small hole in the top over the pyrex column and inserted an accurate electronic thermometer, as I suspected that the temperature was inadequate, Whether no beans, dark roast level or full level I was never able to get over 350 degrees, +/- a few. This seems quite inadequate. Is there a way to increase the temperature, or should I just discard this machine and look for a better model?



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The rabbit hole starts here:
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Hi Roel,

I wonder if Nesco is having some QC issues with the roaster. The Nesco that I have will as soon burn the beans as roast them - too much heat!

I built a wee device to let me control the power to the heater and with it inline with the heater I was trying a roast today. Because I was not sure if this would result in success or flames I was doing it outside on a heavy duty 100' extension cord. It seems that just the extension cord is likely sufficient to drop our line voltage enough to make it work fine with only a slight reduction in the power to the heater. So maybe you want to check your line voltage as the heat produced by the Nesco seems to be very sensitive to it. With ours at 124+ VAC it is too hot, I will guess that it is designed for 120VAC and maybe runs too cool at 110VAC?

If your voltage is a bit low then maybe a variac to bump it up might help but that could be an expensive solution. I also read somewhere about diverting the hot air from the cat back into the machine can be done to raise the temp? Or if the machine is still under warranty maybe it can be sent to Nesco for repair?

Good luck in Wonderland ;)
Oh a 20% boost variable auto-transformer does wonders for the lowly Zach & Dani. But you need to hook it up to just the main heater element and vary the wattage during the roast. and VERY IMPORTANT!


Lots of info here (read all 3 pages):
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