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batch size...
Well said Scott.
Early or advanced homeroasters are thinking about the broader casual users. We are not asking for more complicated or expensive units. We are actually interested in making success easier for casual users and all other potential users. It needn't be an either or situation. Same as we are trying to make pro roasting easier for the many without 20 years of sensory experience. Casual users deserve as good an outcome as possible, agreed? Without naming names a couple simple examples, it was found that a slight design change limited tipping scorching on a roaster. Another with chaff singeing issue had possible solutions that would make using safer. Neither of these changes would have effected the price point of these roasters or how complicated it would be to use.
The homeroasting market is and always will be rather small. It not the type of appliance that can justify the costs of putting out new and improved models every year or so. Best to work out every little thing that can be thought of before the final design goes into production. That's all I've been trying to imply.
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Ed B.
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Hi Ed

I totally agree with you.
We would love our product to be something that you yourself would like to use, but also people just starting out roasting, that's why we have the different modes of operation- there will be so much more to talk about when we start optimizing the software.
We also try to make the heating and power transfer as consistent as possible to make it easier to repeat a roast.

As I said previously- we are not pro roasters, so our collaboration with the pros is vital for our success. If you were in the same neighborhood I would invite you over to try.

It's been more than a year since this post. What sort of pro roaster input has gone into the Bullet since then?

what are you asking?

My concern is that Jonas has said there are no professional roasters on his team. This thread recommended he consult with some to help refine some aspects which might have been missed. My question is if this was done. I'm more likely to invest in a pre-order if professional roasters have used/tweaked the machine.
this roaster is not here yet, pre-order is just that - pre

you buy now you get???

it is a hope, a wish and a crap shoot.

you must wait like the rest of us for news from the manufacture. I may pre-order as I love this machine and I know it will work out the door and meet my expectations.


zombie girl
so you will not buy a roaster if "professional" folks do not approve?

who are your professional choices?

most I know of are only interested in their own stuff...

that would never be a deal breaker for me.

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Woah, slow down. I never said I wouldn't buy a roaster without professional recommendation. The thread pointed out that product design can benefit from professional user insights and offered their service. I'm merely asking if this happened.

I'm excited about this roaster and hope it turns out to be as wonderful as it sounds.


I'm more likely to invest in a pre-order if professional roasters have used/tweaked the machine.

who cares about so-called, self-styled "professional" roasters. I want my
fellow home roasters to give me feedback as it is more valuable to me.

perhaps it is the word "professional" that turns me off...


I can see how "professional" can be perceived as snobbish. I was thinking more towards "experienced home roaster".

The meat behind my question is if the Bullet will do what we want out of the box without custom user mods. It certainly looks like Jonas has been listening and added many things that people have requested. I guess I need to relax and wait. Must wait. Wait. Is is here yet? Grin
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