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Hi Jonas,
Quick question about the cooling tray, is it physically connected to the roaster? I can tell it has a fan to move air through it, but can it be moved around at all or is it stuck where it is?

Also does that button in the middle of the drums face open the door to dump the beans? Or is that just the front bearing?
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Hi Airhan

The cooling tray is not connected to the Roaster, so you can store it separately to save space.
The dot in the middle is the front bearing. We are still deciding between a few options for keeping the door closed.

I'm guessing the seperation means that a second outlet will be needed to power the cooling tray?

Also, the most recent video posted shows chaff exiting from an outlet at the front of the roaster. This doesn't seem to be in photos of previous designs. Should we expect chaff to exit the machine into the cooling tray during the roast? Or does the rear chaff collector suffice and we won't have to deal with the inconvenience of cleaning the cooling tray before dumping the roasted beans?

Thanks for putting this product together. It looks really suave. (Any chance your manufacturer can add custom paintjobs?)
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I asked a similar question via Email and Jonas replied:


There will be no bean agitation in the cooling tray. We want to keep everything as simple as possible, and since the Probatino does not use one, we didn't see the need as well. The fan is not your average computer fan, its extremely capable.
The cooling tray connects with a wire directly to the roaster, so there is no need for additional connections.
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