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Need some re-wiring help too
I too need some help with rewiring a bread machine, because I am a total nincompoop when it comes to electricity...

I'd like to finally remove the boards, put the motor on a switch, perhaps also put some outlets onto the machine, and attach a beefier power cable.

The wiring looks simple, but I'd like to triple-check before I blow up the motor. It took long enough to track down a BM.

As you can see in the pictures, the power cable goes into the board at AC1 and AC2 (labels accidentally switched in my annotations). Then there is a fuse (F), output to the motor (M, blue and yellow), output to the heater (H), and finally a thermistor (T).

The second image shows that the blue and yellow cables go to the motor. There are also two cables (red and black) that go to the start capacitor.

AC1 is the line that connects to the wider prong on the power plug.

I would like to cut off the plug from the blue and yellow cables, attach these cables to a switch, and connect a power cord to the switch. Naively I would say that I could simply connect the motor to main power to see if it will run without putting a switch in first.

But 1) I?d like to hear if you can see anything that speaks against that idea; and 2) I?d appreciate it if someone could suggest exactly where in the wires to put the switch.

Additional information:
Bread machine: Breadman TRK560
Motor: ECM Motor CA-161200-T, 01R06, 120 V 60 HZ 30 W (I couldn?t find out much about this motor from the part number)

Thanks very in much in advance!
nixda attached the following image:
Here is the second image...
nixda attached the following image:
It looks like your Breadman and the Regal Kitchen Pro I used have the exact same innards. You are right, if you disconnected both AC leads and the blue/yellow wires from the circuit board and connected one AC wire to the blue and the other AC wire to the yellow and THEN plugged the machine in, only the motor should run. To add a switch you would need an AC rated single pole/single throw switch (spst) and you would switch one pair only. I chose to switch the blue motor wire, in that scenario one AC wire (hot) would go to one pole (terminal) on the switch and the blue wire would go to the other pole (terminal) on the switch. The yellow wire would simply be connected to the other AC wire (neutral). You would need to determine which AC lead is connected to the hot/black wire at the outlet and that would be the one you would connect to the switch. The stock AC cable on my machine has a polarized plug, meaning it will only plug in to an outlet one way. One blade on the plug is wider than the other, the wider blade is the neutral and the skinnier blade is the hot. If you look closely at the cord itself one side will have smooth insulation and the other side will have "ribs". On my cord the smooth side is the hot (skinny blade) and that is one way you can tell which is the hot at the circuit board end.

Now, having said that, since you have admitted to not being familiar with this kind of work I would STRONGLY suggest you find someone who can show you how to do it safely.
Edited by MerlinWerks on 03/25/2014 9:15 PM
Thank you so much!
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