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08/10/2022 1:56 AM
and RoyB, Welcome

08/06/2022 1:31 PM
Welcome, oak202, CoffeeNutZ and Mlcharlestonsc

08/04/2022 9:34 PM
Thank you!

08/03/2022 2:09 AM
Strangeworth and BigPalm, welcome to forum

08/02/2022 12:01 PM
Thank you guys and gals !! Exited to be here greenman

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ceramic coffee roaster Iru Iru
Back in the late 90's I bought one of these ceramic seed roasters
that were being sold as a coffee roaster by an outfit in Tokyo called Tokyu Hands except mine has a wicker wrapping around the hollow handle instead of leather. I broke it out of retirement earlier this week to try it out with a couple of coffee's I've been getting so-so results in my other conventional roasters and was surprised by the nice results. I had only done 7 to 8 minute roasts back when I had used it years ago but decided to give longer roasts a try (12 min). With a low flame from my camp stove it's very easy to control by holding it near the flame during the first few minutes and then backing off to a couple of inches for the rest of the roast. By doing this I got around 5 minutes to yellow and 4 more to first crack and another 3 to finish.

It's pretty easy to use the roaster. Dump in 1 to 3 oz, shake the roaster back and forth over the flame to keep the beans stirred and observe the color and aroma changes through the roast and dump through the hollow handle into a cooling tray or onto a large flat cool surface for cool down. For what ever reason I'm getting better complexity and body with this little guy compared to any of my "higher tech" roasters.

I've come to the conclusion that it's possible to achieve remarkable roasts in very primitive roasting equipment and without any temperature sensors, PID or other controls.
allenb attached the following image:

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
funny you should mention this, I have one buried someplace and will look around for it.

hey our grandparents used iron skillets and made great coffee.

I got drawn into roasting by the most traditional practice. No computers, no profiles. Never even heard of Mailliard.

It is fun to dig into all the technical bits, I spend a decent amount of time on it. It's always a refreshing reminder that great coffee is easier than we sometimes make it appear.
Cheers, -Scott
I've seen those roasters on ebay, I always thought they were something Billy Mays would try to sell. That's interesting that it's actually a good roaster. Have you given that Rwanda a try in it Allen?
"Grind it like it did you some great injustice!"D.L.Clark
Yes, I tried one roast of the Rwanda in it at about the same roast level as you and I roasted a while back. Although it did not produce most of the attributes listed in the write up by Sweet Marias, it had much less of the excessive acidity, had more body and overall it was a superior cup compared to what I was getting in my drum. I'll use this roaster to finish off the remainder of the bag.

I also roasted a batch of the Burundi you gave me recently and it was also superior to my drum roast. I guess pulling this little guy out of storage allowed me to know that my drum roasting profiles need work.

I'm going to use this roaster as a reference tool with all future bean purchases so I can tell if my drum roaster profiles are up to speed or need tweaking.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Hi there, I?m glad to find this thread you guys talking about ceramic roaster. These roasters are used for roasting tea leaves in Japan. but nowadays few people know.
I roast coffee every morning with the ceramic roaster for 3years and and really love it. It?s perfect for coffee.

So I started to redesign it for me, for my friends. I visit to an ancient kiln many time and just finished. Please check it if you like.



I?d love to talk and share about this small roasting way!
Tak attached the following image:

Edited by ginny on 01/15/2016 3:33 AM
seems you need to blow chaff of during roasting, well not sure I want chaff all over my kitchen as roasting outside in 9 degree weather is not going to happen.

maybe a screen over the top??



ginny wrote:

roasting outside in 9 degree weather is not going to happen.


No roasting outside today for me (18 degrees now).

Drinking Folgers......

Maybe I will put on some down and long underwear then shove out later in the day....

It is better to risk frostbite than it is to drink bad coffee

Mick - "Drinking in life one cup at a time"
"I'd rather be roasting coffee"

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Roaster 2: Hottop B-2K+
Roaster 3: 2 kilo Chinese drum
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Drip: Bunn CWTF15-1 & CW15-TC (commercials)
Espresso: Pasquini Livia 90 auto
Vacuum: Cona - Bodum
Press: Frieling - Bodum Colombia
Koffee Kosmo
It's a nifty little unit from what I can see
But it's for very small batches and would not suit my 1 kg per week consumption

And I would probably roast outside on a gas hob that's used in camping

I home roast and I like it. Designer of the KKTO
Roaster Build information
Blog -

Bezzera Strega, Mazzer Robur Grinder, Pullman Tamper Convex,
(KKTO) Turbo Oven Home Roaster.
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