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Basic Bread Machine Heat Gun Roaster
I just completed my first BM-HG build after reading about lots of builds here.

I had previously just been opening the top on my bread machine and sticking the heat gun in. However, I wanted to have a system that was a bit less cobbled together and more adjustable.

I didn't put a top on the roaster because I have found that I don't have issues with providing enough heat to roast the beans without a top. The other advantage of not having a top on the roaster is that I can observe how the roast is progressing.

My system:

Heat Gun $15
Bread Machine Breadman TR-550 $7(Goodwill)
Clip lamp with adjustable Neck $2 (Goodwill)
Switch and Bayonet clip $5 (Radioshack)
Diffuser Net from a hairdryer Free

First I rewired the bread machine and took out all the unnecessary parts. Then I took the adjustable neck off the lamp and attached it to the heat gun. I used the clamp to attach the neck to the bread machine. The diffuser net from the hair dryer is to protect the heat gun from chaff.

I don't have any pictures of my cooling system but its a flat bottom colander that I stick on top of a box fan (that's still a work in progress).

The whole build took about 2.5 hours.

Any suggestions or thoughts?
Unhurdof attached the following images:
0525141905_medium.jpg 0525141904a_medium.jpg 0525141904_medium.jpg 0525141903_medium.jpg
did you ever think about saying hello? signing your name? before you posted your build? we like to know who you are...


we are here to help, but it is really nice to say hello before you start asking for help...


My apologies. I'm not sure how I missed the primer thread. Anyway I posted over there (

I am excited to participate in the group. Sorry if I came off rude.
you were not rude we just like to know our members a bit, thanks...


Cool idea. I was also wondering how much heat a heat gun would provide. Next you can build a microcontroller to control the heat using a solid state relay to turn the heat in the heat gun on and off and a thermocouple inside, touching the beans, to measure the temp...
That is a great idea using the goose-neck lamp base and clip. This type of setup works very well even with no top. The only problem is the chaff flying around.

A simple and large capacity roaster. Nice work!

KKTO Roaster.
This is a great idea, thanks for sharing. Are you having any problems with heat loss? If I roast without a top, I can't get to the proper temp!
I don't see any reason why you couldn't use the same setup with a top.
I am able to get the beans to roast.

I've found that with about a 1/2 pound charge, if i leave the gun on low, The beans take too long to get to first crack. So I bump the gun on high for about 30 seconds every minute and half. I really need to get a thermometer so I can ramp my roasts more evenly and have a more quantitative way of roasting rather than just roasting my sight and smell.

Also, thanks for the kind words on my build.

And yes the chaff flies all over the place.

Mad Mac
i like the adjustable clamp. i hope i can find one.
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