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Bread maker element modification
Hey all,

I want to try a roast with my bread maker, but incorporate the bread maker's heating element as well as the heat gun to see what it does and what difference it makes.

I have rewired one BM connecting the motor directly to the power and installing a switch. Easy.

But when I try to do the same for the element, connecting one end of the element to neutral and the other to active, it heats for a couple of minutes and then trips the circuit breaker. If I reset the breaker straight away, it will heat for a few seconds and then trip. If I leave it for a few minutes and then reset, it heats for a bit longer and then trips. It never trips straight away.

Any thoughts on what might be causing that? Strange (at least to me) that it doesn't trip straight away, but seemingly only when it gets to a certain temp?

BTW - all circuitry has been stripped out, and element simply connected directly to neutral and active.

If you have an ohmmeter measure the resistance of the element cold. I just checked one to have about 37ohms. Using ohms law, this calculates to about 389 watts. Now if you can measure the resistance again after blowing the circuit breaker (no power! ) and you find a much lower resistance like 5ohms. .. when it is still hot, I think it would be safe guess that the element is bad. Strange. Would like to hear what happens. Hope this helps. Ben
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I've also wondered about this. At first it seems obvious that the heating you need is right there in the machine. Yet when I search around, nobody seems to use it. I just assumed the heat was insufficient. I am baffled since some bread bake at coffee roasting chamber temperatures.
Some of the bread machines I have seen and used pulse the power on and off to the heating element with electronic control. I would think some movement of the hot air would be needed too.

KKTO Roaster.
An analogy I'd use for heat gun vs BM element as a heat source would be like trying to cook on a gas stove top vs an electric one. Though I am using a heat gun that allows me to digitally change the heat @ 10 degree increments and 2 fan speeds. I've only ever used a heat gun, never bothered with hooking up the internal element. There's plenty of heat head room with my setup and batch size requirements (350g). One mod I think that is good for a BM, is raping the pan/chamber with a thermal insulator. I've used a fire blanket on mine.
Edited by jaywoo on 10/26/2014 9:32 PM
In my experience there has always been a heat sensor attached to the shell.
It has been a white insulated wire connected not to the loaf pan, but the shell around it. See if that is what is tripping the heating element. It's a safety feature, so disabling it may cause a bigger problem.

From the description of the problem so far, it's clear that the heating element is coming on, then turning off. The question is whether this is just a normal part of the heating cycle. Does it turn back on again? and then off again?
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