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Your opinion pls, Sidamo Natural Gr1?
This is a random 50g sample from a 3kg bag of Ethiopia Sidamo Natural Grade 1 harvest 2014, as advertised.
Info from the vendor
Region - Town:Sidamo - Guji
Altitude: 1950 masl
Varietal: Heirloom
Processing: Natural
Harvest: October - March 2014

After reading about the green bean grading here;
Grade 1 is supposed to be;
"Specialty green coffee beans have no more than 5 full defects in 300 grams of coffee. No primary defects are allowed. A maximum of 5% above or below screen size indicated is tolerated. Specialty coffee must possess at least one distinctive attribute in the body, flavor, aroma, or acidity. Must be free of faults and taints. No quakers are permitted. Moisture content is between 9-13%."
To my untrained eye, theses beans don't fall into the above criteria. The size variation looks greater. There's pea berries amongst it. What do others think?
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Ethiopian coffees are assigned grades based on ECX standards rather than those given by the SCAA (although both are based on Q grading.) ECX demands that at least 85% of a given sample must be larger than screen 14, and based on your photo it seems to easily meet that standard. I didn't see any visible quakers, insect damage, broken beans or foreign objects, but there might be one partial black in the upper right corner. The presence of peaberries doesn't affect the grade unless they are below screen 14 in large quantities. I would say it earns most if not all of the non-flavor points.
If it tastes good, I would be inclined to forget about the coffee's physical appearance. I've bought coffees that looked great, but tasted terrible.

Thanks for your input JimH & Omega. I'm enjoying the coffee, though I'm finding it difficult to hear when first crack finishes and when/if 2nd crack starts after 3 roasts. This is the first time I've had these. Up until these it's been Sth & Central Americans that I've roasted, which have been easy to tell when the above happens. I'm trying to educate myself on what I'm looking at too.
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