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Finally installed the TC4C
After much planning I finally got it all installed and did my first Artisan controlled roast tonight.

All went well.
This is a fabulous set up!
I think the quality of my roasts took a leap forward beginning with getting the Hottop last January and having way more control than the Behmor. The TC4C set up should get me another jump forward. It'll also be great for cranking out some holiday gift coffee this month.

Thank you to everyone on the forum who gave me ideas and helped me figure out the right solutions for the thermocouples (I will post a thread about what I think is a nice solution that I came up with for mounting the thermocouples soon).

Thank you RandyG, Barrie and JimG in particular for your contributions, OK med for advice and JimG obviously for designing the board and additionally for great customer support.
Mad Mac
I have no programming skills. If I get all the parts for the TC4C setup and get it all hooked up, is that something I can get going?
Hi Mad Mac,

we have a DIY right here that you can follow and get your TC4 up and running.

go to all forums, DIY forum and look around.

our admin Jack has a fantastic tutorial.


Desmond Wu
Do anyone know will TC4C work on 220V?


Desmond Wu wrote:

Do anyone know will TC4C work on 220V?

It pulls its DC power from the USB power line when plugged into a computer via the USB connector

It also has a 9 vdc aux input if you want to supply it with outside voltage. You would use a 220 vac transformer that puts out the proper dc voltage but all you need is a USB connection to a computer.

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Desmond Wu
Thanks, I got a reply from JIM confirming 220V is ok.
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