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Bloomfield Industries 8785AL
While trying to decide if my next coffee brewer will be the Brazen, the Boni 1800, or a semi-auto espresso machine, I found out the subject unit is discontinued and the market is flooded with them at a very low price (75-110 USD). This mini-Bloomfield has a spray head and a 60 ounce tank. I looked up a image of the replacement thermostat and it appears adjustable just like its big brothers!
Because I always liked the coffee I brewed with my old Bloomfield, this one looks very attractive. If I preferred 'long blacks' to good pour-over or drip I would get the espresso machine for 140 USD. But $75 for a mini-Bloomfield?
Anyone used the mini-Bloomfield pour-over unit?
Scooter Dog
Thanks oldgearhead for the heads up on this.

I'm considering purchasing one too, but would like to hear from somebody that has used one.
Maybe link so others may see what's up...

Well its pretty strange. The 8785-XL 's price is still in the $220-$300 price range, but the 8785-AL which appears to be the same unit is discounted at several stores. I think there are 2-3 on eBay for around $100.00. I sent an email to Bloomfield Industries asking what the difference is, but I got no reply. There is also a lightly-used 8785-XL on eBay for $185.00. Just Google and see for yourself..
OGH - I know you mentioned considering the BonaVita unit. I have been using this daily and been nothing but impressed with its performance.

Quick brew at optimal temps. The only drawback for me is that the max capacity of the thermal carafe is an 8-cup brew. When I have guests at the house I've got to knock out a few pots back to back to keep up with demand pouring
I'm not sure if this review is typical, but I found one here> https://www.katom...785AL.html that's not very positive.

Considering the price of $330+, to Amazon's price of about $130 shipped (and cheaper elsewhere), there are deals to be had.

Provantage is almost the lowest price. But they have the Bloomfield low-boy carafe also. So for 120 USD you get the brewer and one carafe delivered and garanteed..
If you only want the brewer, one of the ebay sellers has 'more than 10' of them for $96.xx including shipping.
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