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New Greens Source
I was just followed on Twitter by "Roast Coffee and Tea Company" who, apparently, is running a sale on dry processed Ugandans and some Papua New Guineas for like $4/lb. Not much information provided on their site re: bean, recommended roast levels, etc.

Totally unfamiliar with them or their beans. Prices rival HappyMug. Anyone familiar at all?cross fingers
Is this their site?

Located in NJ and orders over $35 have free shipping. Have not tried and will add to my list of greens coffee sources. Not as large a selection as Happy Mug but looks interesting.

KKTO Roaster.
yes, jack, it is the place and I am not thrilled as I do not feel they have enough information about the coffee as I would like. that is simply my personal agenda when I by greens.

I had gotten a note from another member about this place and sent them an email asking about their Burundi and got NO RESPONSE - so I kissed them off. if you can not respond to a buyer, too bad for you as I will remember and simply not buy.

I simply asked very specific questions about the farm, altitude yadda, yadda...
guess they did not know or did not want to tell me. hence not my kind of place.
if a supplier of greens cannot tell me where they bought the beans, how they were grown or how they were processed plus more too bad for them...

Happy Mug is great.

of course you all know my faves...


Edited by ginny on 05/29/2015 2:23 PM
Hello just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Alex and my family runs I don't want to promote our business just wanted to say hello and apologize regarding the comment about us not answering a message about our beans. We are a new but growing business and we recently transitioned hosting providers for our site. We respond to all messages directly (either me or my wife Meredith). I'm sorry we missed your message. We are still getting a lot of things up and running including more detailed descriptions.

Love the forums here, really a great community for home roasters. Have a great weekend.


ginny wrote:

Happy Mug is great.



Thanks for this information; what a great site HappyMug is! Just the kind of product-specific information I have been looking for regarding descriptions and roasting recommendations. I'm looking forward to receiving my order!
Any updates on Roast Coffee and Tea Co? I'm curious if anyone has purchased/roasted beans from them yet...???
not sure if anyone has tried it yet. the last time I looked they had zero information about the greens which is something that is critical TO ME WHEN I BUY...

perhaps you should bit the bullet and buy and report back...


Hi Everyone,

I don't want to advertise but I noticed the comment about my family's site. If anyone wants to give us a try you can take 10% off your order with coupon code "homeroasters" at checkout.

Thanks! Have a great week everyone.

Meredith and Alex
hello Apollock3:

while I appreciate your giving our members a discount there is still NOTHING about the beans...

how do you expect any responsible home roaster to buy beans they do not know a thing about?

they will not.

we need much more information about the beans, where they come from, how were they processed?

you gave us for Brundi...

>>>Wet processed

Arrived 12/14

Grown at 1600 meters

This wet processed Burundi AA is dynamic and bright with hints of berry and citrus. Light roasts will produce more of a citrus taste while longer roasts will balance a caramel sweet taste with the citrus. Enjoy!<<<

that is not much information, nothing about the farm, cupping notes are not much, no roasting suggestions for newer roasters...

this is from another green seller:


We picked up a couple lots from the folks at Risca this year, this being the smallest at 18 x 60 kg bags. It's our first year buying from them, a relatively new private mill in the Mutambu area of Bujumbura Province. They buy cherry from the few thousand village farmers in the hillsides, most with less than 1 hectare planted in coffee. Bourbon is the dominant varietal, and altitude in this region reaches up to 1900 meters at the highest peaks. Coffee cherry is hand-picked, then delivered to the station where it is fully washed, fermented, and then dried on raised beds. Hand sorting is a major factor of quality control, starting with the freshly picked cherry, and ending at the dry mill.

Straight from the grinder, this coffee's complex fragrance is easily sensed. There's a mingling of spice notes - clove and cardamom come to mind - with tea-like floral qualities, and a heavy scent of vanilla bean and brown sugar. The wet crust has notes of baked apple and spices, with berry syrup on the break. The aromatics allude to a complex cup, which it is. But it's a much more restrained set of flavors than an Ethiopia or Kenya coffee. City roasts have a flavor of pink grapefruit, sweet and tart, and well-incorporated citric acidity. A light brown sugar sweetness fills out the base and goes long in the finish, and tea (think cascara tartness) and spice notes build cup complexity. In the realm of African coffees, this isn't the most outrageous or "exotic" African coffee, but a very drinkable, dare I say "special" Burundi cup. An excellent brewed coffee.<<<


Edited by ginny on 07/29/2015 7:01 PM
Hi Ginny,

I'm sorry you weren't happy with our descriptions on the Burundi.

Yes, some of our beans have better descriptions than others. I think you will find our newer additions have more detail. We are a new company and we are growing. We try and source the best deals (and best beans) we can for our customers. Some times that means buying from importers that purchased lots from combined farms. You will never find us embellishing or adding detail we don't have. If we have it we will add it, along with our cupping notes. If we don't have it we will just add our cupping notes. On many of our beans you can find our customers comments below the product and they often have some great notes.

On all bags we ship we have our suggested roast on the label (based on our own roasting).

Again, I'm not trying to advertise or push our beans to anyone and I truly love these forums. I just wanted to say hello when I saw us mentioned here.

Please, if I can ever be of any help with anything or answer any questions just reach out to me at [email protected] There are lots of businesses offering green beans and great deals. The good news is that is great for customers. Lots of choice and selections. Have a great night.

Just placed an order. I'll give an update.


I'm sorry you weren't happy with our descriptions on the Burundi.

Hi Alex,

thanks for the information and please understand that I am not trying to be egregious with you at all and I understand that you are a new company.

you do need to remember that when you are selling to home roasters you do need to be more specific, that's all I am trying to say.

you are correct that there are now many, many green bean sellers and as home roasters we weed them out for ourselves. beans are getting more expensive and you cannot afford to buy bunk beans.

while we do not allow advertising on HRO I felt your response a couple of months ago was appropriate as I do this last comment. looks like we have some members buying and they will clearly report back.

please let me thank you for your consideration and membership in our forum.



I have ordered twice and they shipped each order the same day by priority mail.

I really liked the Mexico HG EP Chiapas Soconusco and Colombian Excelso EP. Nice beans, good prices and fast shipping (free if over $35). It is nice to have a source on the east coast.

KKTO Roaster.
ok folks I just posted a review and it is not here, give me a minute and I will re-do it...

I hate that.

Hello all members:

Alex, the owner of RoastCoffeeAndTea... was extremely gracious and sent me a box, like 6 one pound bags of assorted green beans; I cannot thank you enough, Alex.

the beans were picked up at the post office last Friday and I roasted the Burundi first thing Saturday morning and tried it right off the bat Sunday in my double cafe cremas...

I like to try all right away so that I can taste the subtle changes in the taste, mouthfeel and overall complexity as they grow in flavor over a few days.

that said this bean did not disappoint me at all and on Sunday morning there was a brightness along with raw sugar or maybe honey I could like define it clearly, on Monday morning the same brightness was the there along with the raw sugar/honey but the surprise for me was the stone fruit I got as I sipped my cafe crema.

my verdict is that while I would love some cupping notes on my greens as I use them to decide if I want to buy the beans this Burundi did not disappoint me at all and I will buy more of this bean.

I also roasted the Mexico Chiapas Soconusco that I will have in the morning and plan to post a review at that time.


ps: yes the beans were free but my alliance is to my members here on HRO so the review is honest...

I don't think criticism of the coffee vendor's shortish bean descriptions is really warranted. Yes, some roasters are picky about getting expansive and detailed descriptions of beans they consider buying, but others are likely not so picky. Also, I observed that the detailed descriptions of beans does vary from vendor to vendor and that descriptions are typically not as long and detailed as shown in the example above. Lastly, I certainly would not claim to speak for all other roaster's expectations anyway.

Just saying...
Edited by hkeienr on 09/29/2015 2:36 PM


I don't think criticism of the coffee vendor's shortish bean descriptions is really warranted

it is clearly your decision to expect what you want from a bean seller.

many buy beans expecting some nuance from that bean, many sellers offer those descriptions for the buyer.

it's not a deal-breaker for me, but something I am used to from my years of buying beans and I like the cupping notes on my beans...


Also, I observed that the detailed descriptions of beans does vary from vendor to vendor and that descriptions are typically not as long and detailed as shown in the example above.

your correct Sweet Maria has extensive notes and, of course, the descriptions
vary from vendor to vendor depending on what they want to share with you and these beans are from different places, please do you think all Burundi beans come from the same farm? no, they are all different.


picky about getting expansive and detailed descriptions of beans they consider buying, but others are likely not so picky.

picky is not bad, it is the way some are and I don't expect to call you an idiot for simply looking at City to FC as a parameter for your buying beans.


Edited by ginny on 09/29/2015 3:27 PM
I've ordered from this seller. I picked up their 8lb sampler. The price was right and the shipping was free. Upon arrival I found that 3 of the 8 bags were labeled as 2014 lot, so at least a year old at this point. One of the 8 bags was not labeled with year information, while the remaining 4 were 2015 lots.

Quality seems to be okay, but not as good as SM or Bodhi. I've now roasted 5 of the 8 beans. (I roast in 4 ounce batches x5 beans so that I have a variety of tastes through out the week. My morning coffee ritual is an adventure. Why roast if I can't try a variety of flavors each morning?)

The beans I've roasted are:
OG Peru Cautivo
Kenya Mukui Peaberry (2014)
Honduras Samuel Reyes Pacamara (2014)
Brazil Sul de Minas
Papua New Guinea (2014)

The other 3 coffees:
Rawanda Inzovu Gasabo
Uganda Natural Arabica
Guatamala Coban Chiyuc

While some of us might not want or need cupping profiles in the descriptions it is a helpful tool to adjust roast times. For instance, if I had known that the Honduras SR Pacamara was an herbaceous flavor profile I'd probably have let the time from tan to 1c extend to hide that a bit, as it's not my favorite taste. Rather than get my info from one source I'm left searching the internet for cupping profiles for similar beans, so I can figure out and plan how I want to roast.

Consider it a service to the customer, as well as a useful marketing technique, giving me a useful tool that I can utilize over and over again. Instead I'm left looking at other vendors for that info. I'm not sticking to Roast's website I'm looking at Roastmasters, SM, Bodhi and getting the information I need to roast my beans. Getting the information from others means I'm being sold on their beans while roasting Roast's. Telling me City or Full city of City + on my bag doesn't tell me much, what flavors do I want to emphasize? No idea from that simple information. Whereas on SM and Bodhi bags I'm getting a FULL range of info- I get flavor profiles and ideas on how to roast, not just roasting suggestions that tell me nothing about the beans.

I'm meh about this seller though I DID like the free shipping but that maybe a mixed blessing. Shipping was super fast and I had my beans faster than beans I've ordered via Sm or Bodhi. Because they are just a few states away, I had my beans in 3 days after I ordered. YMMV
Edited by comfortableshoes on 10/11/2015 10:26 PM
I would never let free shipping persuade me one way or another. Just a gimmick. Go to fedex or ups and calculate how much $$$ it would cost for sellers to ship you the beans. Then take that cost off the cost of the total price (product price plus shipping cost) of what anyone is asking for and take it from there regarding company reputation, customer service, the offering, etc.

Free shipping is just a psychological hot button that works, yes ... too well in most cases. Ignorance is bliss thumbdown ; knowledge is power ThumbsUp .

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee." ~Abraham Lincoln
There is no need to go to Fedex or the UPS sites to figure out the shipping fees since the sites I mention offer a shipping calculator/estimate right in the cart. None of the various places I've bought greens had outrageous shipping fees...

As I said the prices were right AND they offered free shipping. Free shipping alone didn't decide it for me. Rather it was an added bonus.
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