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Semi-Automated Whirley Pop
After much trial and error, I've modified my Whirley Pop to remove the need for cranking. This was a mod on a sweet and tasty snack machine made by the same company.
I added a robotics motor on the top mounted to a short piece of Aluminum and connected with a standard shaft collar. I ran the whole thing to a small speed controller that I picked up from Amazon.

The whole modification was about $60, but it allows me to spend more time focusing on heat, temps and roast monitoring as opposed to agitating the beans.

I've tried most of the other modifications and I've got the most impact to my roasting with this setup. Thought I'd pass this along as I've never seen a mod like it before...
mitchulskus attached the following image:
Q: How much heat is getting to the motor?
Food for thought; coffee for concentration
Nice job on the modifications! I don't think I have seen this done before.

KKTO Roaster.
Koffee Kosmo
May I ask what is the maximum capacity ?

I home roast and I like it. Designer of the KKTO
Roaster Build information
Blog -

Bezzera Strega, Mazzer Robur Grinder, Pullman Tamper Convex,
(KKTO) Turbo Oven Home Roaster.
There's really no heat getting to the motor. It doesn't even get hot as the lid takes most of the heat.

I use an electric burner (1300 watt). My reasoning was that I didn't want to have to buy propane for it. I wanted a simple clean solution that I could just plug and go. I put the entire setup in a medium sized tub and made a batch at my in laws last weekend. Worked great and packed up the next day easily.

I have done as much as 3/4 a pound, but 1/2 pound is really the sweet spot. However, that limitation is more about the heat source than anything else. I did try the perforated steel bottom referenced here: http://www.sweetm...amp;t=4476

However, you would need a real propane burner to get it hot enough. I just couldn't generate enough heat from the electric burner to get to first crack.

My goal was a simple, repeatable method that allowed me to tinker and learn more about the roasting process. This was an excellent combination of both worlds of manual/automated for me. And I've found based on our consumption that 1/2 pound batches is about all I really need from my setup.
Edited by JackH on 06/02/2015 5:40 PM


There's really no heat getting to the motor. It doesn't even get hot as the lid takes most of the heat.

why no mention this in your initial post?



ginny wrote:


There's really no heat getting to the motor. It doesn't even get hot as the lid takes most of the heat.

why no mention this in your initial post?


The question didn't come up until post #2 from scotthal

Edited by ginny on 06/03/2015 7:32 AM
1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
I'm a bit confused about the heat question. It didn't even occur to me that this would be an issue. There is normally a handle where the motor is. And that motor is attached to a collar which is then attached to the stir shaft. It's really a non issue. I remove the power from the motor before dumping each batch, sometimes with my bare hands and it's just normal temperature.

I do wear something like a gardening glove on one of my hands as the lid can get a bit warm. This is to allow me to occasionally shake the pot to mix up any beans that are spending too much time on the bottom (usually once or twice a minute). In that event I have my right hand on the handle and my left hand on the lid.

Again, the pot is hot and the lid is hot, but none of that heat is transferred to the motor. I've probably done 20+ batches with the motor and my only gripe is that the bolts came unfastened once. Which means that I'll have to tighten everything down every other month.
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