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The nutating tamp
Hi homeroasters,

Since I saw the 2013 World Barista Championships I took a keen interest in Matt Perger's nutating technique and subsequently adopted it in my daily shots at work and at home with great results.

Basically the technique goes like this: Dose/ collapse grinds/distribute/ tamp with nutating, rotating twirl, ensuring to keep the puck level with a twist to finish/ wipe and clean then lock in portafilter and brew.

The nutating twirl distributes the grounds around the basket, forces down and compacts them while allowing air to escape.

Ran a half dozen blind A/B comparison tests with the shots. One using conventional straight tamping technique, and the other using the nutating tamp.

My colleagues tasted and found distinctive differences. The nutated tamp created a fuller, sweeter and more flavoursome shot.

The pour from the group was more syrupy and deeper in color with a slightly longer time extracting before blonding.

The differences should be obvious regardless of whatever type and quality of grinder.

Have found the grinder needed be adjusted a touch coarser when shots became too tight and the dosing increased slightly.

In the working environment I found the frequency of channeling is now very minimal.

Recommendation for you would be to do a A and B blind comparison by yourself or drag in a fellow caffeine addict to participate.
Do one espresso shot with a straight tamp, the other the nutating tamp, then taste.

Try it.
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This is an old thread with zero replies. Still it sounds remarkable.

I had to look up "nutating" here is a definition:
Nutation (from Latin n?t?ti?, "nodding, swaying") is a rocking, swaying, or nodding motion in the axis of rotation of a largely axially symmetric object, such as a gyroscope, planet, or bullet in flight, or as an intended behavior of a mechanism.

I especially was impressed by the claim that channeling was reduced.


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