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Artisan Connection to TC4C Error
Artisan 0.9.7 reports Exception: ser.ARDUINOTC4temperature(): list index out of [email protected] My ET is -1.0 and BT is -1.0.

I have an LED screen attached to the TC4C (new acquisition) that show T1 and T2 thermocouples are functioning properly - they show expected changes in temperature when I moved them from hot to cold.

The problems seems to be communicating with Artisan software. I've tried resetting the Artisan software, adjusting the baud rate to 19,200, finding the right COM port, etc.

I'm using an Amico K Type thermocouple and a generic K type Termocouple (both red/white ends) and my computer is running Windows 7 professional.

Any thoughts on this connection issue?
Anything I could provide to help diagnose?

A dedicated "Troubleshooting" area might be helpful for folks like me. It could have that title with sub-groups based on software, hardware, etc.

Thank you,

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Welcome to HRO.

Have you been successful using another interface (meter, etc) or is this your first attempt to connect your roaster to artisan?

I am assuming you have checked that you have TC4 selected in Config > Device Assign?

Are you starting artisan with the default profile or with a preset profile?
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Thank you for the welcome to HRO... it's deep in HRO... I've gotten lost in the threads and searched for an hour before posting this question... thank you for throwing me a life preserver.

Yes, this was the first time connecting the Artisan software and the TC4C. I was pleased to get the TC4C from Jim a week ago and thought I would test it before trying to connect to roaster. Its the singular board with the build in Arduino processor.

Yes, I did select the TC4 button on the Config menu which then took me immediately to the Port selection/baud rate widow which I set for 19,200.

It was a fresh start so Artisan was in default profile... no profiles... When it would have an error I would reset it... then restart it... it would scope and then error.

Initially, when I first plugged the TC4C into the USB I had connected a single (one) thermocouple to the wrong input location... (T4 when I should have been at T1) and the Artisan software said my ET was 76 degrees but that never changed when I put the TC in ice water or near a burner on the stove...

The LED screen showed that TC4C was collecting data from the TC and tracking accurately in both TC but I just couldn't get the info into the software...

Perhaps I should wipe the software off my computer and start all over again with a fresh install with the TC on the right inputs...

I'll try that and any other ideas you suggest. Again, thank you for your note.


Did the TC4C come with the aArtisan sketch installed by Jim?
What OS are you running Windows, Linux or Mac?

Make sure you are installing the latest Arduino IDE software and that you remove any older versions that might be conflicting.

I wrote a procedure that might help.

It was written for an older version of Artisan but it should help you troubleshoot the problem and take you through the steps.

You can skip the part that loads the aArtisan sketch since you already have it installed from Jim.

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