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My Seaco
I modified a Seaco Aroma by installing a PID to better control brew temperatures. I was able to attach the PID and relay inside the frame thus avoiding the need for clunky external project box. Looks more OEM this way I think.

The PID improved this very low end (and previously incapable) espresso machine a lot. To get reasonable espresso from this machine I also roast my own beans, use a Vario Grinder, and use a bottomless portafilter. The results are reasonably good and consistent.

Why use an Aroma instead of a better machine? I like the Aroma because of its small size and portability. I have to move and store it in a cabinet between uses (as my dear wife does not want any espresso machine sitting out on the counter all the time) making a larger and more capable machine less practical. Also, I only make espressos for myself so recovery time after a shot is not important at all. I did consider upgrading to a similar sized Lelit PL41TEM at one time, but I was not sure it would be much better than my modified Aroma.

hkeienr attached the following images:
img_1405a.jpg img_1406b.jpg img_1407a.jpg

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Sorry about the lack of responses. You did a great job modifying this machine. I don't make espresso myself but I can appreciate a well done modification.

Is this machine in the $200 range?

KKTO Roaster.
Don't know how I missed this one either.

NICE clean mod. I enjoy seeing modifications that are well thought out.

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Did you use one of the kits from Auber Instruments?
No oil on my beans...


Did you use one of the kits from Auber Instruments?

No. I bought the most of the parts on ebay for cheap. The PID was around $20, the SSR was around $6, the K thermocouple was around $3. Miscellaneous items (wire, connectors, LED light, etc.) were another $10 or so. I think the whole upgrade cost about $50. I dont' know what an upgrade kit costs but I would guess a lot more.

By the way, the green LED light I installed under the steam valve lights up when the heating element is turned on by the PID or the steam button. It's nice for monitoring what the heating element is doing. I want to install one on my Gene Cafe too, but I think I'll wait until after the warranty period.
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Seaco Aroma (with PID) expresso machine
Gene Cafe roaster
Baratza Vario grinder
Bottomless portafilter
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