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05/23/2022 10:46 AM
abiy welcome cup

05/18/2022 6:13 AM
gnosis coffee roasters and Terry Hauser, welcome !

05/15/2022 7:00 PM
lsawade welcome Welcome

05/15/2022 9:13 AM
Welcome, Pinofly and Alex008

05/12/2022 7:47 PM
CafficitoeTim and pmf2000 Welcome! Welcome

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Unboxing Behmor 1600 Plus
Sipping my first cup (Columbian Bombonia lot-8) roasted in my new Behmor 1600+ this AM. "Ahh ...Goood coffee!

The first roast was a tad sour to my liking but second batch was much better! ...still some sour hints but other notes overcoming it's bitterness! Could be my brewing process using pour over method? Admittedly not as bright as my old Poppery II (I had a cup of the same bean yesterday while waiting for FedEx to arrive with the Behmor it's fresh in my memory)

So far the variables of the 1600 are bit overwhelming at first but like anything new I'm sure it'll become second nature and I'll quickly learn it's subtleties and be able to focus on making that elusive perfect roast per my desired tastes ...I hope!

Per their recommendations, after the initial cleaning burn I started with 1/4-lb charge, A and P1 settings ...doing the prescribe preheat of 1:45. I somehow confused the roaster (or me) during preheat (operator error I suspect?) and had to restart but saved my roast by watching bean color and using my sniffer I was able to pull off a decent(? somewhat sour) first roast by manually shutting it down before the nasty 2C took over. And opening the door and using a small fan to blow cool air in to stop the roasting! ...(maybe under roasted? based on it's taste) Must say the roast is fairly even or more so than my Poppery II's

So I boldly went for the 1/2-pound setting same settings except used the 1/2-lb (10-min) setting of course. This time no preheat since the roaster was still warm. Once again somehow I messed up and had to start over! Arugh! Still had to hit "C" to add some time after 1C. Like the first batch I went back to my poppery-instincts of watching bean color, smell and watching for that pre-2C smoke before hitting cool down button. Need more stick time and before I can avoid the crash landings.

A couple small issues (one rant!).

My roaster came with safety labels stuck on both the top front panel (stuck to the LED display window!...why?) and also on the roasting drum saying "STOP! Read manual first etc!!"

Ok, so I did RTM plus watched several YT-videos before setting the place on fire! (just kidding ...about the fire!)

The one on the drum peeled off nicely. But the one over the display separated from the adhesive backing leaving nasty goo with bits of paper all over the LED display window! Dang!

Anxious to start my first roast I tried removing the goo with Goof-Off it worked but left a dull haze w/streaks over the display window (not good) ...I'm now thinking I may have damaged or etched the plastic LED window for good. Although I can still read the display thankfully ...I'm not all happy about it! ...why would Behmor put the sticker directly on the display in the first place!? "Ok, I get it I'll read the manual first which I did ...but please don't muck up my pretty brand new roaster before I even begin to use! It must be those dang lawyers! (OK, end of rant!)

Second issue is the door's gasket they all drastically deform during roasting? mine got all ripply and pulled away from the door (looks like photo below) ...yes it regained it's original shape once the machine cooled down to room temp. But Im worried it may fall out of position eventually?

Aside from a few little road bumps I can see some good roasts ahead ...once I learn the idiosyncrasies of my Behmor. I'll certainly see more consistent roasts and begin to develop some repeatable roasts ...that's my goal. My old Poppery II was a dice roll at times with each batch a work of art.

Sorry for the wordy post Ben Franklin once said, "I would have written a paragraph but didn't have time so I wrote 2-pages instead." Heh?

Cheers, SteveG
...Underdeveloped Roasted Being!
So how do you attach pics? I tried embedding some Flicker URLs that failed ..also tried attachments of <248k which failed?
...Underdeveloped Roasted Being!
in the FAQ's:

>>>PHOTO'S to a new post or reply:

You cannot use the 'quick reply' feature at the bottom of every thread. Instead, click on 'New Topic' or 'Post Reply' buttons.

At the bottom you will see the attachment field. Browse to your image, select it, and then hit 'Post Thread.'

Hint: If you 'Preview Thread' you will not see your image, and you will have to reselect it before you 'Post Thread.'

Images MUST NOT be larger than 800 x 800 pixels.
System admins will adjust to size or delete post if photo is larger then 800x800 pixels.

Also, please note:

Save your file on your hard drive with no spaces in the name: thisisthenameofmyfile.jpg
PM Up Date: Behmore CS sent a nice note and says the display window is replaceable but try cleaning it and that the Goof Off shouldn't hurt it.

Couldn't stand it had to do 2-more 1/4-ibs roasts on AUTO except for hitting COOL at 2C and then cupped 'em! Results:

P1 - CR Tarrazu 'Natural' ...Wow on every sip!
P2 - India Monsooned Malabar ...Big & Earthy Man!

Ok, got coffee-mouth now so we'll let it rest for today!

Liking my 1600+ more with every roast!

Cheers SteveG

PS: Tks folks for image info ...I looked at FAQ but that page came up blank in my browser?
...Underdeveloped Roasted Being!
Steven, no problem. if you still have issues let me know or PM JackH as he is the MASTER of the photo...


you have a great roaster there Steven...

the more you begin to understand your roasting style in it; it's a very programmable beauty.

they need to replace the window for you; you could have miss-manufactured plastic. I thought those were glass?

Image upload test:
SteveG attached the following image:

Edited by ginny on 10/29/2015 7:05 PM
...Underdeveloped Roasted Being!

that's a beautiful roast. on my way to have a cup with ya...


keep us posted on your progress.

BTW ...I'm with you ...on as much info as possible on the origin of the bean and the cupping notes ...I was just whining and envious about my own lack of taste buds ability to id all those unique flavors those cupping experts rave about in their descriptions. I only can wish! ...Sg
...Underdeveloped Roasted Being!
Hey folks...first post here...Unboxed my Behmor 1600 Plus my wife got me for Christmas...I have about 6 roasts under my belt....and a few failures :) or do we call them "experience builders"? I have an SR700 Fluid Bed that I was using and it was awesome..the Behmor has so much potential...I have created an Excel Roast log that I want to share...feel free to comment and or use as you see fit! I have been trolling the forums and have included a few profiles for coffees I have...feel free to share your profiles as well!
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