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01/12/2021 6:15 PM
@Nomad As a general rule Roasting should not exceed 20 min to second crack You are describing is baking

12/31/2020 2:39 PM
I trying another 2 cups at 200 for 45 min

12/31/2020 2:38 PM
I have a questions.. im trying to experiment with riasting.. i roasted 3 cup of nicaraguan at 200 degrees for 1 hr and 30 min.. is that to long?

12/17/2020 11:16 AM
Snow again in NC.

12/13/2020 3:51 PM
I didn't realize snow was forecasted for this neck of the woods

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AartisanQ_PID 5.3 with TC4 and RoastLogger
What are the two pins you jumper on the TC4 to display in Fahrenheit using AartisanQ_PID 5.3? I thought I read in a post somewhere on here the only way now to get the temps to display in Fahrenheit with the with the TC4 was to jumper two pins. Was I dreaming that? I thought I made a note of it but can't find it, and I've searched every way I can and can't find it.
Never mind, I must have been dreaming. I commented out the define Celsius in userh and it works in Fahrenheit.

I do have another question though.

How do I activate the four buttons on the TC4. I can't find where to tell Q_PID 5.3 I'm using the four buttons and they are not working. Trying to get the timer reset back I had on 4.3.
Edited by BenKeith on 12/12/2015 10:20 AM
Well, we will try this another way.

Is commenting out this line in Q_PID 5.3 like I did here going to create any problems with running RoastLogger?.

void checkStatus( uint32_t ms ) { // this is an active delay loop
uint32_t tod = millis();
while( millis() < tod + ms ) {
// #if not ( defined ROASTLOGGER || defined ARTISAN || defined ANDROID )
// #endif

The reason I ask is that commented out line is keeping my buttons from working on the TC4 when I tell it I will be running RoastLogger. and I want to be able to use my timer reset on button 2.
You can try commenting out those lines. There's also another set of lines the same down the bottom of the code that would need commenting out as well.

However I think I disabled the button code while in Roastlogger, Artisan or Android mode as I was having some memory issues on the Arduino Uno in aArtisanQ_PID version 5_3.

Adding the button checks is actually on my list of things to try with the code but I haven't had a chance.

Can you set up buttons in Roastlogger to send commands to the TC4? In Artisan you can have a button send the RESET command instead of pressing the physical button on the LCDapter.
I've have always used Q_PID 4.3 and have like having the button on the TC4 to reset the timer with. I even have one TC4 setup with just one button just for that reason. So updating it to 5.3, I was wanting to regain my button control.

I commented out the line I referenced to and it gives me the buttons back on the TC4, I just figured you commented them out for a reason and was wondering if it was something that was going to create a problem elsewhere

The DB9 cable connects the TC4 to the relay panel so it can be the length of that cable from the relays. Everything is setup so I can switch and swap things any way I need.
Edited by BenKeith on 12/13/2015 11:23 PM
A little gee wiz for you.
Just something. I used the TC4 I had aAQ_PID 5.3 on to test loading RLTC4 3.3. When I loaded 5.3 back on it using 1.6.6, I didn't have any temps or percentages in the display and I got that Low Memory Warning. I had 1.0.6 on the computer with all the latest Libraries ya'll use for 1.6.6, including the latest cButton.cpp where I was testing RLTC4 3.3 so I compiled 5.3 with that, no problem, I loaded it into the TC4 and I had the percentages and temps displayed, plus I didn't get the low memory warning.

OOPs, I just realized, I don't think I loaded the Profile first so that's probably the reason I didn't get the Low Memory warning. Going to do that not but not sure the edit on here is gong to work when I get done.

That didn't take long, I loaded the Profile and reloaded 5.3 and it still did not give the me low memory warning. Just in case your interested
Edited by BenKeith on 12/14/2015 10:52 AM
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