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Merry Christmas to Me!


LongLeafSoaps wrote:

.....with a dry cycle, the beans would roast more evenly! I think I will try it today using MPSAN's method ThumbsUp

Great. As I said, it is a 3 minute drying cycle with a 5 second cool at 30 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute. Then after 1 minute more, I switch to Medium heat for 1.5 minutes before going to High Heat.

Also, for the first minute or so just hold the top and tilt the whole SR500 without lifting it. You will see the beans moving very well when you do that and can see how well they are moving after doing this a few times. I have NEVER burned 1 single bean and the roast is very even.
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So have you broken in that SR500 yet? Inquiring coffee addicted minds want to know!
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Tony_C wrote:

So have you broken in that SR500 yet? Inquiring coffee addicted minds want to know!

Hi Tony! Yes, I have done quite a few roasts on it so far, and while I am still getting a feel for it, so far I have gotten some nice results with it ThumbsUp

One particular batch of Mexican Terruno Nayarita turned out fantastic and I noticed I had forgotten to turn the heat up after my dry cycle (this was my 4th batch that evening, so I spaced out a bit)...I want to say I drew it out to about a 7 minute dry cycle before noticing and turning the heat up, then the next unwittingly thing I did was forget to turn the fan down during roasting...
Now this bean I have always enjoyed at a full city+, dump the beans at the first sign of 2nd crack, and loved the flavor of the coffee, but this time with the extended dry cycle, and full fan during the roast, I figured I had to have baked the beans! To my surprise, the coffee took on a much different tone, and distinctly tasted like a sharp blueberry flavor. I tried to duplicate it, but I was roasting some coffee for the couple I bought the sock knitting machine off of in Canada over the weekend...ummm, the coffee was well received by my friends!

I will continue to experiment with this bean to see if I can duplicate the serendipitous roast!
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