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Arduino UNO 3 revives itself.
best post

very interesting, thanks...

Several weeks ago, one of my TC4's died. Doing some quick swaptronics with the other one, it came down to being the Arduino UNO board was bad, so I ordered a new from Mouser.
A couple of weeks ago, I put it back put it back with a TC4 and still dead, so I went on line, found a schematic and was going to trouble shoot it but got side tracked at the time, so I put my TC4 back together in working order.
Last week, a pin in the USB connector in the new board I ordered folded back so I had to take it out and order a new USB connector. While sitting there messing with it and the TC4 apart again, I connected the first board to the computer by itself and the LEDs on it showed it to be working so I ran the blink sketch on it. The Blink loaded and blinked. I stuck an LCD on it and it worked, so I put it back in the TC4 again but still did not work with the TC4. Again, other things came up and I left it sitting there.
Last night, I plugged the power supply into it to start trouble shooting it and to my surprise, it came on and worked. I left it on all night and the display is still on and the timer is still counting away.
I've always laughed at something I heard a guy say when I first went in the Air Force. I heard a Staff Sargent tell a kid he was training, after he shorted out an amp he was training him on, they would just leave there on the bench and check it in the morning. Since transistors are grown, sometimes you can just leave them alone and they will grow back together. I guess that one has done grown back together. Of course, you know now if I use it, it's going to quit again right in the middle of a roast and ruin that batch of beans.
Edited by ginny on 01/17/2016 11:30 AM
I guess I should have mentioned, the part about the transistors growing themselves back together was only a joke, about what that idiot I heard tell that the airman he was training Ain't no transistor/semiconductor going to grow itself back together.

JackH. There's some screwy component on it and it's related to something that feeds the TC4 Shield. When it first quit, I had it at on the desk top computer working on retuning the PID and I noticed the counter had stopped. I tried to do a reset and the computer would not recognize it was connected. I pressed the reset buttons on both the TC4 and the Arduino but that didn't help. I disconnected it, gave it a few minutes and plugged it back up, computer still would not recognize it. I unplugged the USB cable from a printer and plugged into it just to make sure it was not that. When to took the TC4 Shield off of it, the computer recognized it. Put the TC4 Shield back on and it would not recognize it.
When I installed the new board, loaded my sketch on it and made sure everything was good to go, I put the bad board back in one more time and with the TC4, it was still an no go, but take the TC4 off and it would work perfectly as a stand alone board.

I just figure the Arduino and the TC4 must have had a marital spout and just quit talking to each other for a while, you know how couples can be. They finally patched up their differences and are back to being a loving couple. I will still just keep it in the drawer as an emergency spare, I don't think I would trust running it, they might have another one of their feuds at an inopportune time next time.
Edited by BenKeith on 01/17/2016 1:41 PM
that's why you got post of the week; love humor around here...

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