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So, given the amount of info here at HRO and the reality that this is all volunteer, attempting to re-organize or re-sort would be a big task, and it might not meet the desired outcome. Here's a possible solution. I still think that tagging would increase the usability of the existing search feature. Not unlike searching instagram.
There could be a list of common tags that can be used or searched for. New posts could be easily tagged.....something like > #roaster I'm not sure if it is feasible to tag old posts, but older threads could get tagged with a new post to highlight relevance to various groups of interest....even if it wasn't the original intent of the thread.
Some threads wander a bit. Some of the wanderings have real value. There are plenty of "roasting" threads that contain a wealth of peripheral info. Re-organizing by title would not take us to any of the slightly off topic gems hidden within threads. Tagging would solve that issue.
Additionally, this approach allows all users to participate in the usability of the site.

Search #bigidea ....see where it takes you. Cheers, Scott
Thank you Scott,

you mention tagging and is that something we do not have already? I thought we did but no one used it.

please let me know. I am all for making information easier for members but it is a tuff thing to do.

we have all had these talks but were limited early on by forum software but I do not think that is an issue now.

will talk the Steve about this to put in place your tagging.

thanks for the input. I have so much information that at times I forget it and have brain freeze or old folks freeze as some call it. poop on those peeps...


I second the motion for tagging.

I search the forum pretty often and usually end up having to use Google search instead of the in-forum search.

Ex: typing "airflow" in Google is the best way I've found to search the site.

I still enjoy reading full threads, but often times find (via the Google search) information that really helps me is hidden deep in threads I never would have found.

Tags would help.

And/or a better search function in the forum.

Not sure how it looks on desktop, but on my phone (Android 4.4.4) the search doesn't give me results with the words I search for. (I know they're there, because I can find them with the Google search.)

A typical search in a forum/browser/search engine display results with sentence fragments including the words that I search for. I never use this forum's search because I don't get results like that. Not sure if it's just me...

FWIW, I don't think reorganizing everything into fewer sections/threads will solve anything.
maybe I do not understand tagging...

will go look at this issue again.

there is so much stuff loaded into these threads I am not sure anyone will ever find it all and that is the nature of a forum for the most part as peeps post where they are, not where they should...

let me look and if you have any other ideas I am and the entire staff are open.


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