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Hello From The Poconos, PA!
Hi Everyone!

Janis here in the Poconos, PA. Recently started roasting again after an almost six year span of store bought coffee or no coffee at all due to arm surgeries. Last year I bought a Keurig clone which got me drinking coffee again. I found a brand new, in the box 1984 Melitta coffe roaster at a church yard sale a few weeks ago and took it as a sign to get back to roasting!! So I started to roast small batches, using ny old Whirley-Pop and Freshroast Sr-500. I just bought an inexpensive used Imex CR-100 which is on it's way to me as I write.

I still have many pounds of coffee that was well stored, and have been using that to get my roast timings back again. They are turning out "OK", as I am still nervously underoasting everything. I prefer strong, dark coffee so it's just OK... Among the stash I found some Puerto Rican Yauco and Haitian Bleu which I hope are still good, having been stored in a cool, dry, dark closet. And yes, I just bought some fresh Costa Rican Carrizal, Ethiopian Sidmo and Sulewesi White Eagle to restock.

Hope you guys can help me get back to speed, I really have missed the passion and expertise of folks who roast!

Hi Jan, Welcome to HRO, and welcome back to roasting.
Roll the dice on the old stuff and go dark. Certainly makes more sense than scorching up the new stuff!! Cheers, -Scott


I found a brand new, in the box 1984 Melitta coffe roaster at a church yard sale a few weeks ago and took it as a sign to get back to roasting!!

Welcome Janis! A blast from the past with the old Melitta Aromaroast! Most folks seemed to cuss this roaster but I'll be it can be coaxed into doing a nice roast with some ingenuity.

Good to have you on board. Post often!

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Thanks guys! I didn't read anything good about the Melitta's capabilities, so I'm keeping it as an "antique". I used to have an old Hearthstone Precision? that I could get great coffee out of but the motor seized years ago and I replaced it with the SR-500 I'm using which is, in my opinion, not as good and the batches are way too small. I drink coffee from a beer mug, so I don't get ten cups of coffee from a batch :>) For larger batches I'm using my old Whirley pop,which based on what I'm getting out of it might as well be like I never used it before!

On the subject of my old green beans, I think they are headed for composting. I used the SR-500 and dark roasted the heck out of the Yauco yesterday morning. Brewed some up today with a french press. The density/viscosity is there, but the flavor of this coffee isn't. It's not papery or off, just missing the full, sweet flavor I remembered. I'll let it rest another couple of days and see, otherwise it's compost! It's really a shame, my own fault, but I have a LOT of old coffee...

I just roasted four batches of the old green beans: a Kenyan, a Sulawesin, a Costa Rican and a Sumatran. Sounds like a bad joke, these four coffees walk into a bar.... Like you said I rolled the dice on the old stuff and went darrrrrk, like Charbucks dark. I'll let them rest a few days and see what I get. Wish me luck, otherwise it's a LOT of compost- I was one of those "25lb +" poll people.
It will still taste better than the supermarket stuff. If you stored it well, it should be drinkable.

KKTO Roaster.
Well, I am truly amazed. I tried blending/brewing some of my roasted oldies after two days, and frankly it sucked out loud. I tried it again yesterday and it was "meh". Today I said the heck with it and just dumped them all together, ground up a bunch, made my morning press, and it was delicious. woohoo

I keep looking at the beans, (like someone snuck in last night and swapped them out), but it is the same oily mess as yesterday. I just bought fresh stock of five of the old bean types I have so I may just mix some old into the new when I roast, kind of like adding Monsooned Malabar or Old Brown Java to the mix. Which yessssss, I have old stock of too!!

Heaven help me if my doctor ever tells me to give up coffee...
There ya go! No need wasting the stuff. It would probably make a good cold brew/toddy as well. Cheers, Scott
Scott...A Toddy huh??? With Kahlua, vodka and ice perhaps??? Put that in your to-go cup!! You guys are a baaaaad influence. I like it!Shock

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