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Need help - partially broken LCD on KN-8828P
Hi all,

I'm new here. A friend of mine lend me his 8828P and I've just ordered a few bags of green beans.

Unfortunately, the most critical part of the LCD no longer works. It's the area that reads out temperature and time! I assume I can just get it running on Automatic mode and listen for second crack then dump the batch, but does anyone have any other advice for me?

Can anyone who owns one of these tell me for example, when I press Up/Down on time, is it incrementing by 0:01? 0:10? 1:00? I can probably do some guesswork to program what I'd like even if I'm flying a bit blind.

Thanks to anyone who can assist!
can you post a photo of your panel?


Thank you Ginny - here are the pictures I took:

As you can see, the absolute most important part is scrambled!
If I can find out what the default start temp and time are, as well as how much they increment/decrement with a press of the arrow button, I can probably figure myself out from there.

After that all I have to figure out is how to roast coffee..
Edited by gegtik on 09/19/2016 8:27 PM
Randy G
I would try this: Use the owners manual and follow the directions to set the "AUTO" program to the maximum time and temperature targets. Then let it run and just stop the roast when it is at the level you desire.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
Thanks for the advice Randy.

Judging from pp20,21 of https://www.hotto...lBP_1F.pdf, Auto mode will permit me to set the time up to 21:59 (?) and permit me to (+) the roast for a total of 6x = 3 min extra. The directions are pretty explicit here.

However from my brief read it doesn't appear I have any control on the temperature in the different stages/phases of the roast.

As for controlling manual.. sounds like I'd need more info there.
Randy G
There is no real manual control of the "P models. The only thing you can do in any given segment is to change the fan speed. The P works best for people who want to "set it and forget it" (but not walk away from it!) and get something close, while the B models are best for people who want control over the roast to get the exact roast they are looking for.

So, basically, there is really no more information to get. Even if the panel was 100% healthy, you don't really have much control. Beyond that, even in the programs, the heating element control in the system is binary. It is on until it hits a target temperature, then it is off. And if it drops below a target temp then it goes back on.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.

Although I can't control the temperature during roasting, I understand can choose the timing and (within a band) the temperature per phase. I was hoping to find out the default timing and temperature per phase so that I can set that as well.

After I mess around I'll make a decision whether to order the UK-106 upgrade package that brings the roaster up to the latest spec from hottop including Artisan support and all that other jazz.

Sounds like dynamic control of the heating element is a key element in really making good coffee -- would you be able to point me toward information that you think would help me get my feet wet with regards to roasting fundamentals, techniques, and so on? I know a thing or two about brewing, but roasting is something I basically know nothing about!

Thank you

EDIT: Looks like my 8lb of green beans was just delivered to my house -- looking forward to roasting tonight! I generally like a city to full city roast.
For my first roast, I'll choose Auto and pump the time up to max, wait for preheat, dump in beans, then listen for first crack to start (~12:00?) then wait another 2-3 minutes and dump it.

Also, I see on p32 of the manual they have a "manual control" section for the P, which indicates that you can hit '-' to effect the turning off of the heating element (after 1st crack wanes) and they recommend staying in that mode for 6 mins.. does that make any sense?
Edited by gegtik on 09/20/2016 12:17 PM
Randy G
Yes, much of what you said makes sense, as well as the info in the manual.. I wrote it! Really! I work for Hottop.

Each segment is three minutes in length. Nothing you can do about that. A turn-around for the heating element is around a minute, at least. So lets say that one minute into a segment first crack starts and you click-click-click as necessary to lower the target temperature for that segment to turn off the heating element and then wait for it to cool down. If it takes ten seconds for the button pushing, and at least one minute for the turn-around in temperature to take place (meaning that the chamber is still rising in temperature until then), for the remainder of that segment, which is about 50 seconds, the chamber will cool down, slowly. Now you are into the next segment and the heating element goes on again. So you, once again, lower the target to keep it off.

Then, later, you need to keep the heat up, so you raise the target temperature and the 60 second to 90 second heat up begins before the turning point to the rise in temperature begins.

And since the roaster can be affected by ambient temperatures, bean density, bean moisture level, and even line voltage, and then add the fact that if you program a segment for one minute (or for one second so that it is skipped all together), you cannot retrieve that time. it is lost to that roast cycle.

You should now begin to see why I like to talk to customers before they purchase a roaster from us. The"P" model is just not well-suited for those who want to perfect and control roasts.

So it is not an easy roaster to "fine tune" during a roast, and being that the display on yours is mucked up, it just adds to the frustration of what is already a tool not well suited to what you are trying to accomplish.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
While the P may not be perfect... I won't look a gift horse in the mouth :)

Thanks again for the info, I'm off to the backyard to roast!
Well that didn't go so well

I was on auto having put the time as high as possible (I think??) .. the roast went for 14 minutes or so after dumping in the green beans before the hottop decided it was time to eject everything.. I'm pretty sure it hadn't yet reached first crack. Looks maybe like a cinnamon roast... there's 250g down the drain :P

Gonna give it one more try and see
Okay.. well.. chalk one up for RTFM. It was warning me about 410F and I had to press ok


second round came out better:

I roasted outside after dark.. seems first crack started 16:23.. pulled it at 19:02.
I think second crack was starting at the time
Reading others' experiences it appears this is probably way too late for FC.. should I be roasting with less than 250g to get the bean temp up faster?
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