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B-2K+ with Artisan questions
Finally got around to installing Artisan and making a dry run. All worked as it should so I'm pleased with that, but a couple questions came to mind that I haven't figured out the answer to.

1. The graphing is very nice, but my laptops are either 12" or 13.3" inch models and reading the graphs onscreen is difficult for my 73 year old eyes. Is there any way to fatten the lines so the colors are more visible, and also the text on the graph (ie; fcs and so forth)??

2. I see the advantage of using the graphing so I could repeat a roast quite easily, but I'm not seeing an advantage of using Artisan to control the roaster vice just using the dials. What don't I understand?

3. Lastly, I can't really tell if I set Artisan up to control the roaster, can I then go back and use that profile again? It would seem so and it is probably just my misunderstanding something.
Randy G
1 - Yes. It is in the menus... somewhere. They aren't very intuitive, at least in terms of my MS/Win brain training. Best thing is to just go through the menus to learn them.

2 - You use the "Alarms" to control the roaster. You program in things like "at 250 BT fan to 90%." etc. and then more etc.

3 - Yes. The alarm file is saved, and if you have it set to on then it will load and run the roaster each time.

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Thanks Randy. I finally found all those things, but when it was all said and done, I thought it would look better on a Mac. So I got out my trusty MacBook 12" Retina, connected a usb-c to usb-a converter cable and proceeded to get things set up.

Sadly, that just wouldn't work!! The blasted FTDI driver installed right, but wouldn't show as an available port in Artisan. Did some searching and found that while there isn't a lot of info about this issue, the little there was led me to thinking something is just not right.

So using this an excuse, I went and got a 13" MacBook Air, got the driver, software, set it all up and it works beautifully! Even looks better on the screen IMO.

One last test tomorrow since I've upgraded to Sierra to see that things are still OK and I'll be a happy camper!
Forget tomorrow!! Tested and all is still good.

The problem with the MacBook 12" may be that the USB-C port isn't supported by the FTDI driver. Since the driver is older than any MacBook that has USB-C, that is highly possible.
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