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Roast Different Beans Together
When I had too little of one origin of green beans for a roast. I would occasionally mix together with another origin of bean so as not to waste any beans and roast them together. Whenever I did this the resulting coffee never tasted very good. Am I making a mistake to do this?
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It may depend upon what you are mixing and whether the same roast is optimum for both. Over many experiments, I found I really liked a 2:1 blend of separately roasted Yirgacheffe and Uganda single origins. A few months ago I began blending the greens before roasting and I'm very happy with the result. Blending the greens seems to make things simpler and I don't see any deterioration versus blending separate roasts.
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For me, it depends on what I'm roasting and what I'm roasting it for. For instance, sometimes for espresso I will roast a Brazilian almost to SC and a different bean with more of the fruit flavors to a little after FC, much lighter than the Brazilian to accent those flavors and then blend the two at a ratio I like.
Sometimes I just throw them all together and roast them, but when I'm doing this, I'm not concentrating on getting the max origin flavors out of them.
You can have some really good blends IF you put the right beans together. No point in wasting beans. Read up on some good roasters and see what beans are in their blends to start getting ideas of what origins/flavor profiles work. Guaranteed even the worst blends taste better than standard off the shelf stale beans!
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