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Hottop 8828B-2K Plus
Hi guys,

First of all I am really glad that I found this forum, there seems to be a lot of great people here with great insight.

I do not have a roaster yet but I have read on the subject for some time now. I researched this in order to buy my first and hopefully my only roaster for a while. My objective is to buy something that will allow me to roast great coffee but in small quantities. I will probably have a few people from the family request my services when they taste what great coffee I serve them when they come over :) ... Or not, maybe this will be a total fail, we shall see... hehe.

Roaster choice
From what I gathered, the Hottop 8828B-2K Plus (2015 with the USB port) seems to be the most appropriate and best choice for my needs. I've seen some other roasters that seem interesting, like the Huky 500 or the Quest M3 BUT these other roasters seem more "manual operation" type and don't look like they are as readily available as the Hottop (roaster and parts). The Hottop looks like a quality roaster and the telemetry aspect (temperature probes, remote control using Artisan) is something that I see helping me a lot in terms of roast repeatability.

For all these reasons, I think the Hottop is my best choice. Keep in mind that I do not wish to go with half-measures like the Gene Caf? (reliability issues) or the Behmor (bad cooling system because of the lack of bean ejection). I want to buy a roaster that will last me a while and that will give me Grade A roasts.

Price hike
Having said that, I live in Canada and our dollar is in the toilet right now, which means I have to pay 2408$ CDN to get a Hottop 8828B-2k plus, delivered to my doorstep (from a canadian dealer). If I order direct from Hottop USA, I am around 2300$ CDN and there is always a possibility I end up with horrible customs taxes (even though the Hottop rep says that would not happen).

Older posts on different forums tell me that the Hottop prices have risen quite a lot in the last few years.

My questions are the following:
1. Do you think that paying 2400$ (CDN) for a Hottop is reasonnable or would I be crazy to spend that kind of money on a non-commercial roaster?

2. What kind of problems did you encounter with your Hottop roasters over the years?

3. Were the repairs easy to do? And how much did they cost approximately?

4. Are there any other options out there (under 3000$) that can match the Hottop, in terms of reliability, function and roast quality?

Randy G
Hottop USA ships USPS and I think that the customs are taken care of that way. E-mail Hottop to make sure. I should know, but I do not do shipping.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
Thanks for the input. I will definitely have a chat with customers service when time comes. My mind is 99% set on the Hottop 8828B-2K plus. I wanted to validate that there isn't some other roaster that I would not be aware of. Some Hottop competitor new to the market or something...
Randy G
PS. I AM Hottop customer service. Grin I try to not do business here. Glad to discuss it with you though.. over there.

Life's too short to drink bad coffee.
Also please disregard my original comment on Gene Caf? reliability. It seems that there are a lot of happy customers here that have used it many years.
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