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Roasting question
Hello, fellow roasters and coffee enthusiasts. I'm a bit of a newbie to the game of roasting as well as a first-time poster on this forum. I'm really enjoying reading the various opinions and learning from what everyone shares.

That being said, I thought I would take this opportunity to ask a question. Just last night I roasted up 200gr. of Chinese Yunnan Baoshan. After doing so I noticed that some of the beans seemed as if their guts (not sure how else to say it) had blown out during the roasting process. I am curious as to why this is happening and what information I can learn from it? Did I do something wrong? Is it just a defect in the bean? I'm not sure but looking forward to any help in understanding this.
ZhongguoBean attached the following image:

Usually too much heat / too fast a roast. High heat at second crack can do this. You need a lot of heat at the beginning, but it should taper off toward the end of the roast.

What type of roaster are you using?

KKTO Roaster.
I'm using a Gene Cafe CBR101. I've only had it for about a month and still playing with roast profiles so your information gives me something to work with. Before the CBR101 I used an air-popper for about 6 months.
Hi Z...

looks like they are too roasted, for me at any rate.

back off and roast to a Full City or less and see how it goes. you are using a Gene Cafe, how long did you roast the beans for?

ginnycoffee drink
As I mentioned above, I am still playing around with different roasting profiles. The roast we are now talking about followed these steps:
1. preheat to 150C. (302F.)
2. load beans (220gr.)
3. 12min. with temp set at 250C. (482F.) but the temp didn't reach that point until about 11min.
4. 2min with temp reduced to 230C. (446F.)
5. Enter cool down mode till stop.

I felt, at least for my preference, the majority of the beans roasted well. I did notice that maybe 10gr. worth had the issue that is shown in my above picture however, the others seemed ok.
It happens occasionally with certain beans for me. I used to go through and cull the defects out before roasting but don't bother any more so I've always just written it off to some defective beans in certain origins. I believe they get separated at least for my roaster earlier in the roast as I can always hear some 2C snaps way too early which end up being the physical fracturing of the "shells" like in your pic due to less mass to heat.

Most roasts it doesn't happen, occasionally I'll have a hand full to cull post roast.
Honey badger 1k, Bunn LPG-2E, Technivorm, Cimbali Max Hybrid, Vibiemme Double Domo V3
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