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First roast ever
I decided to attempt roasting coffee finally after deciding I could start out with a free method of using what I have available instead of buying an entry level roaster. For a while I looked into a hottop but couldn't justify the cost without ever having roasted coffee.

I decided to pull out my camping stove and a wok for my first roast. Having browsed these forums and having a general idea of what I was looking for in a roast, I ordered some beans and gave it a go.

My beans of choice for a first roast attempt was a Papua New Guinea Kimel Estate Peaberry. I had the aim of roasting for my next batch of nitro cold brew so I roasted a batch light to bring out some fruitiness and a batch another batch aiming for more full of a fc+ roast.

First batch took about 15 minutes to first crack and I pulled it right away, second batch I turned up the temperature a little and had first crack about 10 minutes and pulled right as second crack was starting at about 14 minutes. Not sure if this was proper or not for either roast but it looked done to the point I was wanting it.

Let the coffee rest for two days then tasted it - light roast was good, a little tart but not overwhelmingly so, probably could've been roasted an extra minute or so. The darker roast good but I'm not a big fan of darker roasted coffee.

I ground up the two roasts to blend together for my cold brew then let it sit. Once complete I kegged it, infused it, then poured a big glass. To my surprise it actually turned out tasting really good. Always room for improvement but for my first roast I was very surprised at the results.

Alone as a hot coffee prepared in my clever drip I liked the light roast but not the dark roast or a blend of the two. As a nitro cold brew the blend was great.
Here is the roast setup
valleyrider attached the following image:
Awesome - I always said in the beginning the most important thing is to just roast. Don't worry so much about gear and just play around getting the feel of the whole process. Worst case you screw up a few bucks worth of greens and the end result is still better than a lot of stuff out there!

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