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new 500g fluidbed
After using a wok and camp stove for a couple roasts I have been searching for an easier way to roast more consistently. I came upon Seedlings design from many years ago and decided that would be the easiest roaster to build with the limited skills and tools I have available.

2 heat guns, a shop vac on a router speed control, a 6" to 4" reducer, dual thermocouple thermometer, and a 5" diameter aluminum roast chamber.

I have access to 5" and 6" aluminum pipe that is used for making air tanks so one of the scrap mistake pieces of 5" is what I decided to use for a roast chamber. Its about 15 inches tall.

I'm sure that with the size of this chamber and my vacuum I can easily fluidize much more coffee than 500g but my heat gun setup is my limiting factor. I think I will need more heat to be able to roast 2-3 lbs of beans at a time.

I attempted to use a propane torch for heat but I just couldn't get it figured out so I scrapped the idea to wait for another day.

First roast in the new unit was a PNG Kimel Peaberry; first crack at 5:51 and ended roast at 7:41 after rolling cracks were finished. Cooled in chamber.

One nice thing is the chamber is easily removed to dump the beans after the roast is complete. The nice little mangled part of the chamber on top works well as a pour spout when I remove the beans, other than that I'm going to claim the slight taper helps hold in heat even though we all know its just ugly and should probably be removed.

Advice and ideas are always appreciated and welcome.
valleyrider attached the following images:
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Thanks for posting your project. I'm working on one myself and it's always helpful to see the ideas others have used. Maybe sometime post a photo of your product too? Are you doing anything to handle the chaff or doesn't it matter where you are roasting?
So many beans; so little time....
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