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Behmor 1600 1st look from Tom @ SM
Here?s a link to a ?1st look? write up of the Behmor 1600 from Tom @ Sweet Maria?s. Although it?s not a production model it gives you a pretty good idea of how the unit works I think.

I?ve been researching roasters for a few weeks and I couldn?t find any hands on impressions on the Behmor 1600. Just quotes and snippets from people praising it mostly, that?s fine, nothing wrong with hype. So it?s nice to see a ?review? finally.

Looks like an ugly microwave oven! And it looks to suffer from some less then perfect aspects that most off the shelf roasters do. On the other hand it does have a lot of promise. Here's hoping for a better off the shelf roaster!
Well I saw it in action today and it is quite a competent lil roaster ...not to mention I have the first batch here with me for evaluation I'll let ya know how it is.....
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Hey Guys:

Thanks for posting about this roaster. I am always curious about new stuff on the market and will typically get it to play with it...

the roasts seem really fast. My little Fresh Roast 8 does a roast in about the same length of time.

I have had a Rosto and hated it because it blew chaff all over the place! Love "ed" my Hot Top that is on it's way to Eddie for a side by side with the Gene Cafe.

So far I like my Gene Cafe but must either slow the roast or read the book since I am roasting a bit too much on the dark side.

Dennis let us know how the coffee is.



I would agree. I would like to also see one "up close."

I am still a bit put off by the "fast" roast times.


Not that greens roasted fast are not good, my point is simply more control then say a fresh roast.
I think that review was rather unfortunate. I'd encourage anybody to look at the thread on Coffeegeek which explains many of the things brought up in that review.
do you have that link,

thanks ginny


ginny wrote: do you have that link, thanks ginny

Hi Ginny,
I was just reading through the 2 threads on the Behmor 1600 on CG, and the sour attitudes towards Thom's review on the pre-production unit. All I'm going to say is read it for yourself, separate the chaff from the roast, and enjoy the coffee for what it is.

Mark's trade show notes:

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Check out:
The location of the begins of the references to the SM first look are found on about p. 27 of the thread (if your profile at CG is set up for 10 posts per page). This should get you close:

I'm really surprised that Tom posted that publicly, especially the pics of a pre-production model (now the roaster doesn't look like thosee pics to my knowledge) when it doesn't seem like he was really given the authority to do so (my take on what Joe Behm has provided as a rebuttle).
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