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2k+ early first crack
As it has been mentioned here before I am finding that with a 250 gram load my first crack is happening with bean temp showing 335 F . This is consistently happening . Any Ideas . Is it also a bad panel as was mentioned before ,but it happens every time 335-337 f first crack ???
have you roasted to 2C to see what temp that hits at? I have no experience with HotTops but in every roaster I have ever built 1C hits pretty much at 400F (+/- TC float). What are total roast times? 335F is way way off. Consistently hitting 1C within 2F makes me think you have a bad TC or a bad board but my though would be more likely a bad TC.
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Randy G
335 is low for BT first crack on the B-2K+ and we have taken care of it in terms of customer service. What you can't do is compare one type of roaster's data to another. 1C on a Hottop B-2K+ is around or in active second.

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Thank you Randy G for your help . Great customer service from HotTop . My whole working career was doing customer service in the heavy truck ,industrial truck and auto industry so I know good customer service when I see it and you have got it all going on .
Thank You Very Much Randy!
Robert G.
Randy G : Just found out something interesting about this panel that is in my Hottop . When doing an auto roast with no beans the alerts work and the auto dump will work . Did two roasts with beans and there is no alerts and no auto dump ,that is also happening in manual mode ,no alerts and no dump .
Sounds very strange but that is what is going on .
Robert G.
I believe the alert and auto dump are a rate of rise thing.

IF the roast is progressing normally you won't see them (I don't).

IF the roast is heating too fast or seems to be a "runaway" then it will beep and make you touch it and if you don't, it will dump the roast into the cooler.

At least that has been my limited experience with the plus model (upgrade).

Going back to your first crack temp post...... I find that the plus upgrade shows a lower BT temp at first crack than my custom mods did. My plus upgrade is FAR different from the temp at 1C on my commercial batch roaster.

I like my roasts near city (light american style coffee) so I typically dump the roast during first crack or right after, depending on how the beans look to me. I have been dumping the roast on my plus around 360-365 which is a ridiculously low temp. On my SF-1 the same roast would have a reading around 395-400 degrees

As said, it is all relative to the individual machine. Probe placement. Probe type. Electronics. All effect the temp reading at a set time within the roast cycle.

Use your eyes, ears, and nose to roast. Use the temp readings to stay within your roast type/range NOT as an absolute.

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