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02/02/2023 4:22 PM
bcoffeedrinker Welcome

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01/29/2023 4:55 AM
Welcome, drygrounds and CarlHaberfeld,

01/28/2023 5:42 AM
ramsamorrow, VirTERM and Columbia, coffee drink

01/25/2023 7:12 AM
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1st of all...this is my 2nd post on this forum so ignore any common courtesy mistakes.

2nd: Converted my Great Northern Popcorn popper to a rotisserie style drum since the gears failed on me....again!!! Tried the whirley pop too...those gears failed me too.

3rd: Data Dump of 3 links that show pix & explain my thought process:


JSA Coffee
You simply can't compare fresh roasted coffee to the others listed. The other coffees listed are significantly older, thus more bitter and flat.

The cost efficient question can't really be answered either. It depends on what coffee you want to roast versus what you are willing to spend. Do you want a simple bean to taste like coffee, or do you want a flavorful coffee that will blow you away?

All of that being said, generally roasting your own will be more cost efficient than buying the same beans at the local coffee shop.

Follow this link to buy a new top for your Whirleypop with metal gears. The plastic ones don't hold up to that high heat very long.

The poll was really just placed their for entertainment's relevant to the content of my post, just not the critical content. Thank you for pointing out the variables in determining the value of coffee.

Also, i ditched the whirley pop a long time ago & replaced it with a great northern popcorn popper with metal gears. That company failed me miserably & said that you have to buy a whole new popcorn popper. They didn't honor the 1 year warranty & didn't have any alternate solutions (e.g. ship me a new set of gears). In the end, my drum produces much more even roasts than any stove-top popcorn popper ever did & @ a much higher quantity. The most beans I could get in the stove-top version was 20oz. Beyond that, the gears would really grind up too much. I understand that's not the intended use of the popcorn popper, so i'm not too bent out of shape about the gears failing...just realized i wasn't willing to buy a new one or go back to the Whirley pop (which meant buying another one of those).

If you sort thru the "data dump", link 2 (cold brew saves money), the 2nd comment gives my summary of home roasting cost comparisons. "I try to keep the cost of green coffee beans under $5/lb. Worst case scenario for a batch of coffee I roast (for cost analysis) is a 20% loss in weight. E.g. green coffee $5/lb. 5/.8 = $6.25/lb roasted coffee. Actually, i realized my local grocery store sells their brand coffee (granted it's decent) for $10/ 12oz ($13.33/lb). That's typical for fancy coffee, but my benchmark for cheap coffee is the giant bag of ground Dunkin Donuts from Costco @ $7.6/lb. I drink 65g/day x 365 = 23725 g/yr aka 52.3lbs/yr. Comparing costs, Fancy grocery brand would amount to ~$700/yr, Costco Dunkin Donuts would be ~$400/yr, & my BADASS home roasted custom coffee is ~$326.9/yr. Cost savings when using a Pod system like Nespresso Virtuoline is ridiculous considering those are ~$1.1/pod. I'd be more frugal w/ those & would try to stick to 2.5 pods/day & @ that rate you'd be spending $1000/yr. Long story short, I see my custom coffee as the cheapest of the bunch."

Midwatcha, I didn't go through your links, but I did look at your pics. Good going, man! git er done, dude. The rubber meets the road!
not sure if I like the bolts in the kettle look, sort of an inside out Frankenstein? The ultimate in industrial mojo, I love it. The hell with bull in a china shop, what ya got here is an M1 Abrams in a china shop. Don't ferget to lift your pinky when gingerly sipping your coffee :)
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