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Bread Machine Heat Gun by BoyntonStu


seedlings wrote:
Hey, Pete! I was really glad to hear your breadmaker is up and running! Why not start a thread with a picture of your new setup, including the stirrer?

Oh, and you won't need the heat any closer to the beans with a lid.


Hi Chad,
I will see if I can get some time this weekend to take some pictures and get them uploaded in a new thread. I have been roasting in my woodworking shop and have one of my dust collector hoses hung above my roasting for chaff and smoke removal, it exhausts outside of my shop.

I'm sure you know the drill of the "add it to my list" saying but I will do my best to take some pictures. smile

See Chad,
Another use for a Dust collector, You need to get one right away!
It removes smoke, de-chaffs roasts, cool beans (as in my bean cooler)
or even in a pinch, vacuum up sawdust!


p.s. It might walk your dog, clean your windows, balance your checkbook, answer your phone, or mow your yard.
Your results and milage might vary.
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Unfortunately, Mark, I can't cram another thing into my teeny 10x10 "utility garage".

But, thanks for rubbin it in anyway! s:5
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