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Welcome, @tombull !

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and RoyB, Welcome

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1kg drum roaster build
Hello everyone,

I'm a newcomer in Coffee world. I've been drinking coffee for more than 10 years. The big change in my life was this time last year, I helped my friend to paint her walls in her coffee shop, enjoyed the best espresso I've ever had in my life. After that time, I only drink good coffee but every time I ordered one batch, It's 5kg and ... It took me long time to finish. So I use a pan to roast on my own.

Then I bought a small roaster pan from China (I think It's fluid bed design) I can't roast it evenly. My friends, they try that coffee and love it. I'd roasted about 50kg by using that pan. (0.25kg/ batch).

I feel tired then I was thinking about order a 3kg roaster. I still doesn't know how to roast coffee at that time. So I looked on the internet and found Homeroasters forums. I was amazed how beautiful a little DIY machine look and It's inspired me to DIY one. It's finished few months ago but I couldn't register an account here until now.

So I want to share some mistakes on my machine.
Roaster specs:

I bought 2 thermometers from China without knowing about its functions. I think the Probe is too thick and I installed it in a wrong way. First crack is at 178 to 182 Celsius. At 210. It's in the middle of 2rd cracks.

I made a door and body using aluminum (It's easy to work with). The body is fine. But I made the door a little bit off from the mouth. I have to use steel wire to hold the door handle tighten, so the beans don't come out during the roast.

I made the drum with many death angles. It takes long time to drop the beans.

Here is some pictures of it:
Vutran attached the following images:
22007338_10209903651004232_4791746817498821485_n.jpg 22007734_10209903651404242_8671111956790413290_n.jpg 21768095_10209903649484194_4203880338476744745_n.jpg 22046473_10209903648044158_1831890203063371776_n_1.jpg 21768205_10209903641483994_969483896995456628_n.jpg 5_7.jpg 2_11.jpg 1_13.jpg 22045889_10209903645324090_7434000384689829096_n.jpg
The drum dimension: D: 216mm L:260mm. Thickness from the extrusion is 6mm but machined down to 4mm. (I think I did it right). I live in tourist place so I can't see the real tube on hand before I received it. so I spent about $20 on that job.

The drum has some dead spot, some beans stuck in that and I think it affects a little bit to the roast flavors. (burned beans).

The trier need to install with an angle, so no beans left on the trier when I put it back. I have to push really hard on the trier so the beans drops to the drum.

I use high pressure gas stove. It works fine for 0.25 to 1.5kg roasted beans. The roast can finish within 8-12-15 minutes.

Few days ago, I installed the Center 301 and using Artisan to roast. It's easier than using the thick probe for the roast (intuitive roasting, listening, smelling, watching and guess the ROR, lot of paper works).

Now I want to rebuild this machine. I will keep some parts like drum, probe, motors and rebuild everything, solid, heavy, come with air flow control, gas control.

For cooling tray. I'm thinking about using square shape (easy to DIY), no motor and install the big dust collector, 1.5kw.

I will post more on this thread as I don't want to make any mistake anymore. To ask for some advices.
Vutran attached the following images:
21766368_10209903649004182_4859404982930588788_n.jpg 22046878_10209903644684074_390347961275141716_n.jpg 4_9.jpg
I forgot to post some pics of my friend wall that I painted follow her wishes. Just point out that I'm not a wall painter...
Vutran attached the following images:
9.jpg 8_1.jpg 7_1.jpg 6_3.jpg sketches_rejected.jpg 10.jpg

Edited by Vutran on 09/26/2017 10:55 AM
I wish I were half as good at not-painting.
I drink about 7-8 Espresso double shot, listen to Pink Floyd songs while I paint this wall. I was a bit high...
I think I could guess the album title ! About the aluminium drum, I understand the material conducts heat up to 6-7 x better than steel / cast iron. Is that a Good Thing ?
Welcome to HRO Vutran!

That's one beautiful roaster you've built there! I keep thinking I've seen the best of the best each year but this will be giving other builds here some stiff competition. What variety of hardwood are you using for the funnel gate handle?

I think once you work out the kinks in your design and get it the way you like it you will have a functional work of art.

Keep us updated on the changes you end up making and hopefully you can do a video of it roasting and post on our site?

BTW, your wall art paintings are top notch too.

1/2 lb and 1 lb drum, Siemens Sirocco fluidbed, presspot, chemex, cajun biggin brewer from the backwoods of Louisiana
Hi Allenb.

The hardwood is Vietnamese Rosewood. It's super rare and expensive. But for the handle... It's not cost much.

I will try to rebuild it and make it works the way I like. I think it should equal to commercial roasters out there.

I'm interested in processing green beans this year. I live in the highland of Vietnam. 1500-1600m altitude. Farmers grows lot of Arabica varieties here where I live. Most of it are Catimor or Catuai. Because of that, I'm thinking about making a commercial roaster like Husky500 or another small roaster. With half of that price.

If you guys here knows about processing green beans. Please share the informations. Last year, my friend he processed green beans. The cupping score was 88 then It goes down because of the moisture inside the bean is still high.
Humidity in the harvesting time is about 70-95% with lot of raining days.


chaff wrote:

I think I could guess the album title ! About the aluminium drum, I understand the material conducts heat up to 6-7 x better than steel / cast iron. Is that a Good Thing ?

I don't know yet. But I've seen an DIY roaster from an Aluminum sourcepan. AL will expand more than steel, and becomes liquid at ~650 Celsius. For a "solid" project. I prefer extrusion.

For 3kg Roaster. I have 27D x 35L (cm) extrusion, 10mm thickness. It will roast 3kg easily...


chaff wrote:

I think I could guess the album title ! About the aluminium drum, I understand the material conducts heat up to 6-7 x better than steel / cast iron. Is that a Good Thing ?


In this video, at 7:10. Joe talked about aluminum. You can watch it.
Edited by JackH on 10/05/2017 3:09 PM
Thanks for the link, those guys give great video, it was very interesting.
I'm sorry to have missed your earlier reply, I'd think a 10mm wall thickness would address any concerns about uneven heat distribution and hotspots, Tks.
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