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Controlling Heat Gun?
Is it possible or even advisable to use a router speed control on a heat gun to slowly ramp up the temperatures?
Something like this:

Will using this cause a malfunction in the heat gun or shorten its lifespan?

Koffee Kosmo
Just get a German made Steinel heat gun
They have a user adjust heat controller inbuilt

I have a Steinel heat gun that I use in my work
If it breaks down one can purchase parts to repair if required

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Well, the problem with that is I already have these 2 Harbor Freight heat guns in use on this system:

The problem I am having is 1 heat gun isn't enough heat when the blower is on high enough to loft the beans so I use both guns. The problem with that is that when I turn on both guns, even with the blower blowing so hard it is almost blowing beans out of the top, the heat rises too quickly and I am scorching the beans during the drying phase. My idea is to always run one of the guns on "full power" and then, if possible, hook the other gun up to the device I linked above, and slowly ramp that heat gun up to full power giving me a smooth curve and a longer drying phase without scorching.
I have tried to just run 1 heat gun for a time and then switching on the other gun but that causes a dramatic temp increase and that is when scorching is occurring.
Place (high current) diodes in series with each heater, each diode in parallel with a bypass switch.
This setup will divide the power by two, so you will have three steps of power.
This is valid if the blower motors are separate powered from the heaters.
Using dimmers on both blower and heater would give you more choices though.
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I do use that exact same router speed control (dimmer?) to control that fan speed. I am wondering if I purchase another one of those can I also use it to control one of the heat guns?
Using a dimmer/router controller will result in the heat gun fan also slowing down which could potentially result in the element burning out. It's better to separate the heat gun element from the fan and give the fan a separate DC power supply. Then use a dimmer/router controller to control the heat gun element.
I've found that a Varic gives much finer control and uses less current than a router controller, but it cost a lot more and will possibly outlast it.
No oil on my beans...
I have removed the built-in fan from those heat guns since I already force air through the heat guns via the blower. I will google variac and see what it comes up with.
Thank you
Variac is bulky and cost a lot, you can use such variator as well


or better control, but found in Europe only:
Thank you, that looks perfect
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