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Modified Kaldi Wide
Wanted to get a roaster under 1k but have a lot of control, went with Kaldi and very happy. Did a few mods, airflow, Artisan, chaff remover. So far very happy.

Anyone else using a Kaldi?
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KKTO Roaster.
With the thermocouple and vent connection you have, how do you dump your batch? For me, just removing the standard front end components in a timely manner is a major coordination challenge. Do you experience the same rushed drop sequence? Any suggestions how to make that easier?
Nilewoods Roaster
Hello Gtemkin,
I understand your comments about a rushed drop sequence with the Kaldi Wide. That's one reason I'm holding off on adding a thermocouple. But meanwhile I'm finding that adding a frame to sit the KW in helps the drop sequence in a few ways.
- When you tilt your KW back (to prevent unintended bean spill) it holds the sliding chaff/diffuser tray in place, so the tray doesn't slip out (see red arrow).
- When you tilt the KW forward (to dump beans) it provides a stable setting so you need not hold the entire weight nor worry about slipping off the stove.
- The mast holds your motor's power cord high so there's no possibility of the cord getting burned.
Granted, these are minor points, but each helps with the drop sequence.
While this frame is designed to fit the Camp Chef stove (which is itself very stable), the general concepts could be adapted to a variety of heat sources.
I hope you're enjoying the use of your KW as much as I am.
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