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Thermocouple to mini-plug connection

I just purchased a Mastech 6514 datalogger that came with two sets of thermocouples. One set already comes with the K type plug ends. But the other set (of closed metal) probes has crimped fork end fittings. I have some mini K type plugs that fit the Masstech, but they won't accept the metal probe's forked end fittings. Can I just cut off the fittings, strip a bit of the wire and wind that directly onto the screws inside the k plugs or is there some other type of k plug I should get that uses the fork end fittings?


... or local/online electronic shops - digikey, mouser, farnell...
Hi Renatao,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I have some little mini-plugs such as those you linked to, but they're too small to accept the fork ends of the probe.

The metal probes I have are something like this:


The fork ends of the metal probe are each 1/4" across and the outside width of the mini-plugs are 5/8." Seems like I need a different type of k plug or adaptor or have to cut the fork ends off???

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I'd cut them off and use the mini K-type plugs.
Thanks Greencardigan,

I was hoping someone would say that! I've been afraid to cut them off without some sort of "permission" LOL!

Yep, cutting wires was been implied :)
However, with a bit of tinkering, you could mount such block on the plug:

Solder the pins inside on the miniplug blades, and screw the forks outside.
Hi Renatoa,

Interesting... but prefer not having to solder. I ended up cutting off the forks, stripping a bit of the wire and just wrapping the wire around the appropriate screws on the blades of the mini plugs I already have on hand. Seems to be working fine.

Just finished rigging up some brackets for the probes - one near the bottom of my bread machine for the bean mass temp and another one part way up above the beans for the ET. Tomorrow, we'll see if we can figure out how to use the system (heat gun/bread machine) with Artisan.

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