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Need help!
I have purchased a new apartment in Toronto. It is a loft-style apartment with high ceilings and fairly thin walls and no windows. The room is about 10x12x14 feet, with a door to the hallway. It is also the warmer end of the apartment during winter. Therefore, the doors are all open throughout the entire year.
We have a plan to convert this apartment into a nursery in the future. We are looking for fan or air filter suggestions to improve circulation. Last day, I came across an article in which a kid was killed in an airless room. This has freaked me out. I am concerned about the safety of the children in the nursery. My husband told that it is important to have fire alarm security systems in the room.
Do you have any suggestions for reliable sources of information on the safety of child sleeping quarters? What should I worry about? How can I best prepare/alter this room
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Randy G
"The room is about 10x12x14 inch.."?
This sounds like a question for a licensed professional. After all, theoretically, a child's health and possibly its life are in question.

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