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11/24/2022 8:17 AM
Trick or... crack... er... Grin

11/24/2022 8:12 AM
Happy Thanksgiving to all

11/23/2022 3:28 AM
Birdman and dpineau coffee drink

11/21/2022 5:46 PM
lig76ct Welcome

Rich Saurman
11/21/2022 5:22 PM
Hi! New member starting with SR540. I am brand new and slowly getting better results with this roaster. I am interested in any roasting pointers.

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Entering the HG/BM roasting method
Hello to all,

I've been eyeballing a National (model SD-BT65N?) for $6 at a local thrift (actually only paid $5 which was on a sticker on the side).

Already had the $15 HF heat gun (never used yet).

All set, right? Brought the beast home and turned it on (plugged it in and hit start at the thrift store just to make sure it wasn't fried) and watched the "agitator arm" spin around one way then the opposite way in all sorts of interesting sequences for 15 minutes. I was timing it - after reading someone said somewhere that their machine had a 15 minute "kneading" cycle right at the beginning after hitting "start". This one seems to have that (if I don't hit any other buttons apparently). The second time I messed with it (I hit "select" and "bake" and tried turning it off and back on and unplugging and plugging - etc. and apparently it just wants to begin where it left off that last time?) . . . 10 minutes kneading, 5 minute rest after dropping the non-existent yeast from the receptacle in the lid, then a 30 minute rest, and on to (we'll see in a few - it's still doing it's thing). So if I had tried to roast right out of the chute, the first roast would have more likely been closer to succeeding than the second one with all those maddening "rests" (which is why I'm messing with it to see what it "wants" to do before ripping into the guts of the thing and doing the re-wire mods (that, I'll get around to in due time). I've got to figure out how to get it to do what it did the first time, lol.

I know that I'll have to grind off (or hack saw off) a bit of the end of the mixing paddle as it just barely misses the walls at four points inside the RC before I can even try roasting. (Not too worried about the teflon yet. I've yet to roast into 2C so my temps are just barely over 400?F).

So I've been pouring over any and all references to HG/BM roasting and a couple of questions come to mind. I've seen a lot of YT videos of people just aiming the HG down into the RC by hand with the lid propped open (very similar to the open dog bowl method) and it seems to be working for them just fine. Others go to various lengths to modify the lid. For starters, I'd like to get some beans roasted with this thing before doing modifications to the lid. So my question is not whether it is "better" with the lid modified (people wouldn't do it unless they had good reason, right?), but whether I should even bother with trying to roast with the lid open? I'm open to suggestions from experienced roasters regarding this.

Well, I really did have another question, but now I've forgotten it. Maybe I'll think of it later. I am kind of excited about "advancing" to HG/BM (or Corretto style) roasting. I actually drank up all 5.5 ounces of my last air popper roasted beans from last Monday (it rained on the evening I had planned to roast again, and it's been hotter than . . . well, really hot the last two or three days). So being able to roast a little bigger batches seems practical (a natural progression it appears from all the reading I've been doing).

ruddhess attached the following image:
Scored a $4 backup bread maker/machine at Goodwill while out for lunch today!!
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